Optoelectronics Briefs

June 1, 2005

PC-controlled optical-fiber polisher

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Krell Technologies in Morganville, N.J., is offering the Scepter PC-controlled connector and bare-fiber polishing system. The Scepter prompts technicians though each process step via the interface. Users can program various polishing procedures for all connector types and surface finishes. Scepter workholders incorporate Krell’s independent suspension and optical alignment design for uniform polishing at each connector position. For more information contact Krell Technologies online at www.krelltech.com.

ITT to provide Air Force with optical test equipment

The ITT Industries Systems Division in Cape Canaveral, Fla., won a $5.7 million U.S. Air Force contract to provide metric optics subsystems for the Eastern Launch and Test Range System (LTRS) at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla. These optical subsystems can verify and quantitatively validate the focus quality of large-aperture, optical telescope instruments equipped with film and charge-couple-device-based camera sensors. ITT is also upgrading the software for the Automated Meteorological Profiling System, under terms of the contract. Work will be finished in October 2007. Awarding the contract was the Space and Missile Systems Center at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo.

High-Power, single-frequency fiber laser

NP Photonics Inc. in Tucson, Ariz., is offering the Scorpion 5-watt fiber laser for applications such as laser radar, sensing, metrology, and communications. The laser provides 0.5 to 5 watts of output power and operates over eye-safe wavelengths from 1,530 to 1,565 nanometers, as well as near-infrared wavelengths from 1,030 to 1,085 nanometers. The laser uses a master-oscillator, power-amplifier configuration that boosts output while maintaining the line width within 3 kHz. The Scorpion is immune to many environmental stressors, reduces coupling loss, and decreases sensitivity to vibration and acoustics. For more information contact NP Photonics online at www.npphotonics.com.

Fibercore earns ISO 14000 certification

Fibercore Ltd., a specialty-fiber manufacturer in Southampton, England, earned ISO 14000 certification for the company’s environmental management system (EMS). “We left no stone unturned in our drive to reduce the company’s environmental impact and reviewed all of our operations,” says Fibercore Managing Director Chris Emslie. “We examined areas such as water usage, electricity consumption, and even the number of vehicles entering the Business Park for waste collection. Our relentless drive to achieve our environmental targets will not stop at ISO 14000. In fact, this is just the beginning.” In 2003 Fibercore Limited transferred its paper catalogue onto CD-ROM to save paper. In 2004 the company developed advanced erbium-doped fiber-amplifier design and simulation software. The company also uses teleconferencing and web-based seminars. For more information contact Fibercore online at www.fibercore.com.

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