Jan. 1, 2005

Lasers and light sources

Direct flash lamp pumped die laser

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Elk Industries in Melbourne, Fla., is introducing a flashlamp-pumped dye liquid laser, with pulse energies from 500 millijoules to 2 joules per pulse. The 6000DLS can go from 590 to 500 nanometers by changing the dye solutions and laser mirrors. With pulse duration of five microseconds, the 6000DLS is for high-energy laser applications. The laser can be fitted with internal or external tuners. The laser head is approximately 24 by 5 inches and weighs less than 200 pounds. For more information contact Elk at 321-259-8114, or online at

Military- and space-qualified laser diodes

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Frankfurt Laser Co. in Frankfurt, Germany, is offering military- and space-qualified laser diodes in TO-3 housing with space for a fiber optical output. The diodes can be used on beacons, target designation, or open-air communications. The company’s super luminescent diodes come in 680-, 810-, and 1670-nanometer wavelengths. The unit has a wide emission flat spectrum and low ripple <1 percent. The SLD can be customized, for more information contact Frankfurt at

Near-infrared diode laser

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Officials of nLight in Vancouver, Wash., are offering a 100-watt near-infrared (NIR) Cascades diode laser, which is a microchannel, water-cooled, 1-centimeter-long bar that provides 100 watts, continuous-wave (CW) output power in the 795-to-815-nanometer wavelength range. It is a high-power pump source for commercial and military diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers. The nLight Cascades bar is for applications that need simple system architectures because he Cascades bar can be configured in vertical or horizontal configurations. For more information contact nLight online at

LED uses 12 watts of power

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LEDtronics in Torrance, Calif., is offering two architectural and landscape floodlights as part of the GDL002 FloodLED series. The GardenLED and the Series GDL002 FloodLED feature 198 warm white 5 millimeter discrete LEDs mounted on a printed circuit board. The lights create light without polluting the environment and require 12-volts DC to operate. The light housing measures 8.875 by 3.25 by 7.25 inches. For more information contact LED at 310-534-1505 or online at

High-performance photodiodes

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Opto Diode Corp. in Newbury Park, Calif., is offering U.S.-made photodiodes. The silicon PIN ODD-1 costs $1.20 each per 1,000-unit order and feature responsively of 400 to 1100 nanometers. The photodiode can be used in a low dark current and an active area of 1.35 mm X 0.76 millimeters, with a thermal parameter from -55 to 100 degrees Celsius. For more information contact Opto Diode at 805-499-0335 or online at

Robust Nd:YAG laser for all conditions

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Continuum Lasers in Santa Clara, Calif., is releasing the Inlite hardened industrial Q-switched Nd:YAG laser system. Inlite incorporates Smart Card technology inside the laser head, which allows the microprocessor to manage the laser head housekeeping functions as well as providing a platform capable of managing the plug-and-play options and accessories. Harmonic generators for 532, 355, and 266 nm fit inside the laser head. Pyro detectors can be added to control the laser in power mode or diagnose harmonics conversion efficiency. For more information contact Continuum at 866-532-1064 or online at

Inspect wafer contamination as low as 10 microns

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Spectronics Corp. in Westbury, N.Y., is introducing the Spectroline SB-100PY semiconductor UV lamp that uses a 100-watt bulb to emit mercury lines at 546, 577, and 579 nanometers, and uses a yellow filter to block emission wavelengths shorter than 540 nanometers. For more information contact Spectronics at 516-333-4840 or online at

High-output reflector for infrared

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Osram Opto Semiconductor in Regensburg, Germany, is introducing a MIDLED reflector package. The integrated die-cast reflector focuses a majority of light and emits a narrow angle on infrared components. The beam angle is tight and does not require a lens. The unit was created using two-component die-casting, which allows for a smaller component to be made. For more information contact Osram online at

Cross-hair laser diode changes price

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BEA Lasers Inc., in Elk Grove Village, Ill., is offering the Model 150C-5-650 Cross-Hair Laser Diode Module, which is a direct replacement for a helium-neon laser, with 4.5-milliwatt output power at 650 nanometers. The module measures 50.8 millimeters long and 12.7 millimeters in diameter, and weighs 23 grams. The unit is factory preset to meet class IIIA limits as defined in BS 60825-21CFR part 1040.10(d) and IEC 825. This adjustable focused unit is furnished with 85-millimeter power leads. For more information contact BEA at 800-783-2321 or online at

Tracker ‘X’ targets 3-D measurement extremes

FARO Technologies in Lake Mary, Fla., is introducing the FARO Laser Tracker X that targets 3-D measurement extremes. The system measures large-scale parts, tooling, and machinery. In addition to offering 0.001” accuracy and 230-foot range, the FARO Tracker X has an instant-on laser for immediate measuring capability. For more information contact FARO at 407-333-9911 or online at

Pulsed fiber lasers

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Aculight Corp. in Bothell, Wash., is expanding its family of pulsed fiber lasers with the addition of the Model PF1550-36. Operating in the eye-safe region near 1.54 millimeters, the Model PF1550-36 delivers diffraction-limited, short-pulse output over a wide repetition rate range. The laser is for applications such as laser range finding and range-gated imaging. The Model PF1550-36 can generate 3- to-5-nanosecond pulses at repetition rates between 20 kHz and 1 MHz, depending on user requirements. It produces four watts of average power at repetition rates over 50 kHz and peak powers in excess of 15 kilowatts. For more information contact Aculight online at

Tunable laser for simple benchtop use

Santec Corp. in Hackensack, N.J., is offering a tunable laser, model TSL-210V, a simple-to-use, bench-top -instrument that provides a 130-nanometer, mode-hop-free tuning range. It has high output power, improved wavelength accuracy, and is available covering all the common wavelength ranges from 1260 to 1630 nanometers. For more information contact Santec online at

Laser machining, multifiber feedthroughs for specialty fiber

Stratos Lightwave LLC in Chicago is offering laser machining capabilities and multifiber feedthroughs for hermetic packaging for users of optical fiber terminations assemblies, which are commonly known as “specialty fiber assemblies.” Stratos offers specialized fiber lensing, fiber cleaving, fiber metallization, connectorization, device alignment, and packaging. For more information contract Stratos Lightwave online at

Laser-diode modules with TTL modulation

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Photonic Products Ltd. in Bishops Stortford, England, added TTL modulation options to its Photon Module range of laser- diode modules. The TTL modulation input will accept signals from DC up to 100 kHz minimum. Modulation options are available on all Photon PM and Photon Plus PPM laser modules with wavelengths from 635 to 830 nanometers and output powers from 0.9 to 32 milliwatts. Customer-adjustable lens for collimated or focused beam may be replaced by other optical systems such as line generators. The laser modules are for use where detection of the laser beam in high ambient light conditions is vital, such as security systems and safety barriers. For more information contact Photonic Products online at

Optoelectronic sensors

Mast-mount sight system uses infrared

Optimum Optical Systems in Camarillo, Calif., is releasing a multisensor electro-optical sighting system that uses visible and advanced infrared technology to gather imagery. The system can be used during the day or night and is for extended standoff range operations. For more information visit the company’s website at

Outdoor night-vision camera

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CEDIP Infrared Systems in Beaubourg, France, is releasing the RUBY IR Night Vision camera for outdoor use. The camera features high-resolution imagery, lightweight handheld design, integral battery power, and interchangeable lenses. The unit’s binocular display enables comfortable viewing in all ambient lighting conditions. The system has a rugged lightweight construction and operates in the 8- to 12-micron waveband and has a plane array of 320 by 240 pixels. For more information contact CEDIP at 33-1-6037-1100 or online at

2-Megapixel camera with color imaging

JAI PULNiX in Sunnyvale, Calif., is offering the CV-M8CL, a 2-megapixel Bayer CFA color camera. The product offers 30 frames per second at full resolution with dual-tap output or 17 frames/second at full resolution over single-tap output. The burst trigger enables the user to capture a sequence of five images at different shutter speeds. Measuring 40 by 50 by 120 millimeters, the camera is based on a progressive scan 1-inch-format Bayer CFA CCD sensor (KAI-2001CM) with 7.4-µm square pixels. For more information contact JAI PULNiX at 800-445-5444 or online at

High-speed video

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Photron USA Inc. in San Diego is introducing the ultima APX-RS slow-motion video imager that can capture 3,000 frames per second, with a 1,024-by-1,024-pixel resolution and 10,000 frames per second at 512 by 512 pixels. The RS is a one-piece design and can withstand shock of 100 Gs. Available with Gigabit, Fire Wire, Ethernet, or optical communications, this camera can shutter as fast as 2 microseconds and needs no computer attachment in the field. For more information contact Photron at 858-395-8618 or online at

Super-compact camera

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The Cooke Corp. in Auburn Hills, Mich., is introducing a digital CCD camera with pixel resolution of 1390 by 1024. The PixelFlyQE is able to maintain the same noise performance regardless of a change in the ambient temperature. The camera is compact and measures at 2.5 by 1.5 inches and its miniature head can easily connect to a standard PCI board. The units can be used on applications such as combustion analysis, high-resolution microscopy, spray imaging, and low-light imaging. For more information contact Cooke at 248-276-8820 or online at

White-light interferometer for measuring surfaces

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Metrology Resource Co. in Ortonville, Mich., is introducing an optical measurement system that uses white-light interferometry. The WLI can measure small areas but will not damage or destroy the targeted area. The system gives a 3-D surface profile, roughness, step height, microstructure, and other surface parameters. The unit has a measuring range of 100 microns using the piezo actuator and as much as 12 millimeters using the integral motor. X/Y displacement is 50 to 200 millimeters. For more information contact MRC at 800-660-2680 or online at

Super-blue-enhanced photodetector

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UDT Sensors in Hawthorne, Calif., is releasing its new silicon 4-by-4-array photodetector, also called the UDT-4X4D, to isolate all of the 16 elements with a low crosstalk level at 633 nanometers. The unit also features a ceramic LCC package that allows for easy integration into any surface mount application. With an operating temperature of -20 to 60 degrees Celsius the unit is designed for use in a noncondensing environment. For more information contact UDT at 310-978-0516 or online at

IR Camera gets new look without an increase in price

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Infrared Solutions Inc. in Minneapolis is introducing the IR FlexCam Pro camera with extended temperature measurement range up to 600 degrees Celsius, as well as a programmable image capture to enable the user to preprogram the camera and take scans at timed intervals or by the target temperature reaching a preset high or low “trigger” temperature. Also added is an image enhancement package and improved thermal sensitivity, for image clarity and temperature detection. For more information contact the company at 763-551-0003 or online at www.infrared

Hybrid super sensor

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Keyence Corp. of America in Woodcliff Lake, N.J., is introducing the CZ-V20 series of hybrid sensors. The new structure uses three separate high-intensity RGB LED light sources, which can transmit red, green, and blue light onto the target area. Detection performance in not hindered by shape, position, angle, or surface luster and can be used in many industries including automotive, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical. For more information contact Keyence at 888-539-3623 or online at

500-millimeter focal-length monochromator

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McPherson in Chelmsford, Mass., is introducing the f/3.2 500-millimeter model 205 monochromator for 120-by-150-millimeter gratings. The unit comes standard with two exit ports and is also available with two entrance ports. For more information contact McPherson at 978-256-4512 or online at

Small dual-wavelength camera

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Sensors Unlimited Inc. in Princeton, N.J., is introducing the Visible-InGaAs SU320Mvis 1.7RT MiniCamera with expanded wavelength range and high sensitivity. The 320-by-240-pixel array is built in the minicamera, which weighs less than 11 ounces without the lens. The camera has a 40-micron pitch and solid-state indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) sensor that needs no cooling and has no moving parts. For more information contact Sensors Unlimited online at

Dual-aperture visible sensor

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DAVS 100 dual-aperture visible sensor from Kaiser Electronics, a Rockwell Collins business unit in San Jose, Calif., is compact, lightweight, extremely rugged, and economical. The unit includes two optical paths providing both 1.5X wide field of view (WFOV) and 6X narrow field of view (NFOV) capabilities including a 12X digital zoom. Field of view selection is available at the touch of a button. The DAVS 100 is easily integrated with various monitors and displays, including Kaiser’s ProView SO35 Monocular helmet-mounted display. The unit has image overlay capability and features push-button switches enabling positioning of the overlay within the camera’s FOV. Boresight alignment has been demonstrated on M4, M203 and M16 weapon firings of over 4000 rounds.

Linear sensor for military applications

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BI Technologies Electronic Components, a division of TT electronics in Fullerton, Calif., developed a linear position sensor for military and commercial aircraft. The new sensor is based on the company’s Model 400 series. With an expected life span of five million actuations the 0.5-inch sensor provides an interface between the DC output and the hydraulic braking systems. Standard resistance tolerance is 10 percent. For more information contact BI at 714-447-2757 or online at

Solid-state time-delay and integration sensor

Fairchild Imaging in Milpitas, Calif., is introducing its CCD582, a solid-state, time-delay and integration sensor for reconnaissance, scientific, and industrial digital imaging. The device is organized as an array of 12,288 vertical columns and 128 horizontal TDI rows, and provides a pixel pitch of 8.75 microns with nearly 100 percent fill factor. The device has bidirectional TDI line shifting (shift up or down) with identical output registers and amplifiers on top and bottom of the array. Exposure levels can be controlled by selectable TDI stages from 128 to 64, 32, 18, 8 or 4. For more information contact Fairchild Imaging online at

Luminance/night-vision light-measurement system

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Gamma Scientific in San Diego is introducing the TIA-3000 multi-application, transimpedance-amplifier ultra-precise luminance, night-vision, and general-radiometric light-measurement system. The TIA-3000 has interchangeable lenses and filters that enable the user to tailor the system to a wide range of applications. Developed under a contract from the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the TIA-3000 detects as little as 10-6 candelas per square meter (cd/m2) of luminance and features a temperature-stabilized detector that maintains 0.01 percent linearity over a dynamic range of more than a 1,000,000 to 1. For more information contact Gamma Scientific online at

Camera to detect infrared energy

The Pyrocam III from Spiricon Inc. in Logan, Utah, images infrared energy in real time from 1 to 1000 millimeters for IR laser ranging and targeting systems and terahertz laser applications. The camera is portable, requires no cooling, displays 14-bit 2-D and 3-D intensity profiles, and provides real-time analysis of beam width, centroid and peak location, and divergence. The camera has a FireWire interface, eliminating the need for a frame grabber card. The Pyrocam III has been used in a wide range of laser applications, including CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers, OPO, HF/DF chemical lasers, and many other IR sources. For more information contact Spiricon online at

Optoelectronic components

Compact infrared viewers

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PhotonicsTech in Salt Lake City is introducing compact infrared viewers for military, industrial, and scientific applications. With two models available the units are built around Hi-Grade image intensifiers with S-1 photo cathode. The viewers can be attached to a TV camera or worn on a head harness for hands-free operation. For more information on the viewers contact PhotonicsTech at 801-519-9602, or online at

Nonblocking optical crossconnect switches

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Chromux Technologies Inc. in Oxnard, Calif., is releasing a line of optical crossconnect switches that are available in 8-by-8, 16-by-16, or 32-by-32 configurations. These switches are nonblocking and are for reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers. Packaged in hermetically sealed packages these switches are functional in both C- and L- band applications. For more information visit Chromux online at

Automated dispensing system

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Creative Automation Co. in Sun Valley, Calif., is introducing the Champion 6809 servo-driven, automated dispensing system for precision processes. The unit dispenses dot diameters as small as 0.003 inch and is capable of firing as many as 90,000 precision deposits per hour to form high-definition dots, lines, fills, and builds - precisely shaped by true piston-positive displacement. For more information contact the company at 818-767-6220 or online at

Push-button switch with sunlight-readable display

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Electro-Mech Components Inc. of South El Monte, Calif., is introducing a compact, lighted push-button switch, series SW44267. The unit is rated at 30-volts DC, 2-amps resistive, and 0.5-amps inductive. Applications include warning lights in industrial and avionics displays, instrument panels, and controls including life-critical medical devices. Series SW44267 models are 0.75 inches square and snap in from the front of the panel, mounting into a standard 0.698-inch square hole. For more information contact the company at 888-442-7180 or online at

Rugate notch filters

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Advanced Technology Coatings in Plymouth, England, is releasing a laser-protection coating based on thin-film rugate notch filters. Rugate technology uses a film with a continuously varying refractive index, and can combine with edge filters and color glasses to achieve multiple-line laser protection. Specs include: an average transmission of smaller than 45 percent, optical density at 532 nanometers, and an operating temperature range of -40 to 300 degrees Celsius. For more information contact ATC at 01-752-300582 or online at

Multicolor high-status indicator

Federal Signal Corp. in University Park, Ill., is releasing a multicolor, single high-status indicator for hazardous areas and Type 4X applications. The unit can produce as many as four colors from one light source and can run for 100,000 hours. The product also offers a choice of four visual flash patterns. The USIX is PLC compatible making it ideal for automated processes. For more information contact Federal Signal at 708-534-3400 or online at

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