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Sept. 1, 2006

BAE Systems offers infrared camera cores for military and rugged commercial applications

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BAE Systems in Lexington, Mass., is offering thermal imaging technology designed for demanding military weapon sights as an off-the-shelf solution for rugged commercial and military applications. The BAE MIM500-series camera cores, based on its MicroIR uncooled infrared technology, has two versions. The MIM500 series comprises two versions. The MIM500X generates high-resolution, 640-by-480-pixel imagery is for applications requiring the highest available resolution. For less-demanding applications, the MIM500H offers 320-by-240-pixel image resolution. “The MIM500 series is the new off-the-shelf standard for ruggedness, temperature range, imaging performance, and advanced features in a compact, low-power uncooled IR camera core,” says Kevin Grealish, BAE Systems MIM500 program manager. “Advanced features such as pixel-level gen-lock synchronization, progressive scan, and the ability to add customization boards directly into the module stack ensure that the MIM500 series can be tailored easily to meet the most demanding application requirements.” For more information contact BAE online at www.na.baesystems.com.

ITT wins Norwegian contract for night-vision systems

ITT Industries in White Plains, N.Y., won a contract from the Norwegian Defence Procurement Division (NDPD) for 4,400 night-vision systems, each including two AN/PVS-14 monocular night-vision devices and related accessories. This procurement represents the largest single night-vision contract ever awarded by the NDPD, having an initial value of approximately $33 million, and includes the supply of spare parts, accessories, and training, ITT officials say. The night-vision systems will be used across all Norwegian forces for field operations, weapon sighting, and underwater missions. This contract also includes options for possible future procurements. Work will be by ITT Night Vision in Roanoke, Va. For more information contact ITT Night Vision online at www.nightvision.com.

Sofradir wins contract for long-wave infrared detectors

Sofradir in Grenoble, France, will deliver 200 of its long-wave infrared detectors (Mercury LWIR) for integration in thermal infrared weapon sights by an undisclosed customer under terms of a contract worth €5 million. Military applications use thermal infrared sights for all-weather day-or-night viewing in air, naval, ground, homeland defense, and antiterror applications. Sofradir will customize the Mercury LWIR detector using new technology to provide enhanced image quality says Philippe Bensussan, chairman and chief executive officer of Sofradir. Users of the Mercury LWIR detector include the U.S. Army. Sofradir was selected for this new contract because of its capacity to deliver volume quantities of long linear LWIR detectors based on mercury telluride cadmium (MCT) technology, company officials say. For more information contact Sofradir online at www.sofradir.com.

MicReD Offers TERALED tester for optical and thermal LED measurements

MicReD, a member of the Flomerics Group in Marlborough, Mass., is offering the TERALED tester for thermal and radiometric characterization of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The TERALED system can be used stand-alone for optical measurements or combined with MicReD’s other instruments. A 300-mm-diameter integrating sphere hosts a temperature-stabilized device-under-test fixture, the reference LED, and a radiometric detector or a detector head with a bank of different filters. The temperature-controlled environment combined with the high-precision design of detectors and filters provides accurate measurements. The temperature-stabilized LED fixture has a mounting area of 40 square millimeters and is capable of sinking heat from as much as 10 watts. Its temperature can be programmed between 10 and 90 degrees Celsius. The software automates procedures like measurement of emitted flux (photometric or radiometric), efficiency, or chromaticity coordinates as function of temperature and/or operating current. The LED’s electrical characteristics as well as thermal calibration diagrams are also measured. Results are presented in the form of plots. The TERALED control electronics interfaces all devices attached to the sphere with the measurement-control computer. For more information contact MicReD online at www.micred.com.

L-3 offers integrated video-data receiver and analysis system

L-3 Communications Advanced Products & Design in San Diego is combining a tactical video exploitation and management system with a mobile tri-band receiver to enable forward, mobile military personnel to capture, manage, and share video intelligence. The solution includes the VideoScout video management and exploitation system and the Rover III 300 receiver from L-3. VideoScout with L-3’s Rover III receives and displays video from several unmanned aerial vehicles and other sensor sources, and allows forward personnel to exploit that video data to create actionable, intelligent video while on the move. VideoScout can synchronize and archive video with selected UAV metadata to create “geo-location rich” video intelligence by associating time and location with both motion and still imagery for easy search and retrieval. Video can be saved and searched by location, date/time or user notes, and analyzed to support pre- and post-mission planning and analysis. All original video data, derivative video and images and associated metadata are stored and remain available on VideoScout. Video clips, segments and still images can be searched, retrieved and displayed in “storyboard” format, allowing for quick viewing. For more information contact L-3 online at www.l-3com.com.

Elma offers 1-to-10-width options for lightpipes

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Elma Electronic in Fremont, Calif., is offering 90-Series lightpipes in 1-10 wide options. The line has expanded over time from only a 10-width version to 1-10 widths. Various combinations of single, dual, vertical, and horizontal configurations are available. Lightpipes that blend the colors of different colored light-emitting diodes are offered. For applications where color blending is not preferable, versions with preventive shrouds are available standard. Lightpipes in custom-colored plastics are also available on a special order basis. The Elma light pipes are manufactured in Europe for performance and reliability. The UL94 material has a temperature rating of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. Elma’s modular approach provides the ability to select a standard product range for a point of reference and request modifications tailored to a solution. Typically, there are very low minimum quantities required, hand-made samples can be created quickly and pricing is extremely competitive. For more information contact Elma online at www.elma.com.

OPTEK’S VCSEL infrared lasers improve depth of field in security cameras

TT electronics OPTEK Technology in Rosemont, Ill., developed a vertical-cavity surface-emitting-laser (VCSEL) device that uses lower drive currents to achieve the same power output levels as conventional infrared light-emitting diodes to improve performance in security cameras. Designated the OPV330 Series, the VCSELs feature high thermal stability and low drive current for low power consumption applications such as battery-operated equipment. The primary advantage of VCSEL devices compared to conventional IR LEDs is their higher aperture power output, which enables enhanced operation in many transmissive and reflective applications. Additional applications include noncontact position sensing, photoelectric sensors, optical encoders, and light curtains. The flat lens lateral packaging allows the device to be used with secondary optics to create custom beam profiles. The OPV330 Series is an 850-nanometer VCSEL device. Maximum forward peak current is 20 milliamps, with a maximum reverse voltage of 5 volts. Operating temperature range is -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. For more information contact OPTEK online at www.optekinc.com.

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