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Aug. 1, 2003

Air Force looks to Northrop Grumman for moving target analysis system

U.S. Air Force researchers are looking to experts at Northrop Grumman Systems Corp. in Melbourne, Fla., to help intelligence analysts exploit information from moving targets. Northrop Grumman, working under terms of a $4.9 million contract from the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate in Rome, N.Y., is working on a 3-year project called Moving Target Information Exploitation Product Library Upgrade Support — otherwise known as MTIX Plus. Intelligence analysts use the MTIX system to track and engage hostile targets using sensor systems such as the E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System, or Joint STARS. The tool helps select the target and send that targeting information, with updates, to a command and control system for weapon-target pairing and attack, Air Force officials say.

Indigo Systems offers Phoenix large-format IR cameras

Designers at Indigo Systems in Goleta, Calif., are offering a new family of large-format infrared (IR) cameras called Phoenix. The cameras, which are for military, industrial, and scientific applications, operate in the midwave and longwave infrared bands and are available in resolutions of 320 by 256 pixels, or in 640 by 512 pixels. The Phoenix cameras have indium gallium arsenide detectors; the midwave-IR camera has an indium antimonide sensor, while the longwave-IR camera has a quantum-well phtodetector sensor. Fore more information contact Indigo Systems by phone at 805-964-9797, by fax at 806-685-2711, by post at 50 Castillian Drive, Goleta, Calif. 93117, or on the World Wide Web at

Broadax Systems adds another machine to FieldGo family of rugged computers

Officials of Broadax Systems Inc. in City of Industry, Calif., are unveiling a new version of their FieldGo family of rugged laptop computers, called the FieldGo S1. The new machine has a 2.8 GHz Intel processor, 2 gigabytes of solid-state SDRAM memory, three drive bays, and two full-length expansion slots. The computer is for off-road, on-road, and sea-based applications. It has an anodized hardened aluminum alloy chassis with an extended ATX form-factor motherboard to resist jarring and shock extremes. For more information contact Broadax by phone at 626-964-2600, by fax at 626-964-2665, by post at 17539 E. Rowland St., City of Industry, Calif. 91748, or on the World Wide Web at

Evans Capacitor unveils new devices for military aircraft

Designers at Evans Capacitor Co. in East Providence, R.I., are offering a high-density Hybrid capacitor for uses in military aircraft. The Hybrid is a compact electrochemical electrolytic capacitor that provides more than four times the energy density of tantalum wet slug capacitors, company officials say. The new device is also half the weight and one-tenth the volume of aluminum capacitors, Evans officials say, adding that Hybrids are in use in phased array radar systems, laser power supplies, and multitasking instrument displays in military aircraft. For more information contact Evans by phone at 401-435-3555, by fax at 401-435-3558, by e-mail at [email protected], or on the World Wide Web at http://www.

Universal offers new line of military air filters

Officials at Universal Air Filter Co. in Sauget, Ill, are offering a new line of military-standard air filters to protect sensitive electronics operating in harsh military conditions. The Mil-Spec filters from Universal shield electronics from high temperatures, humidity, explosions, fungus, vibration, shock, electromagnetic interference, and other contaminants, company officials say. The filters have Quadrafoam filter media, open-cell polyurethane foam treatment, and come with a thin layer of flame-retardant coating. For more information contact Universal Air Filter Co. by phone at 800-541-3478, by fax at 618-271-8808, by post at 1624 Sauget Industrial Parkway, Sauget, Ill. 62206, or on the World Wide Web at

Dy 4 Teams with ICS to address signal intelligence applications

Leaders of Dy 4 Systems of Kanata, Ontario, are teaming with Interactive Circuits and Systems Ltd. (ICS) of Gloucester, Ontario, to develop integrated systems for software-defined radio and signal intelligence applications. Dy 4 will provide signal-processing subsystems based on the company's CHAMP PowerPC boards, while ICS will provide the A-D and D-A converters. ICS software-defined radios acquire sensor data from intermediate frequency (IF) signals, as well as advanced digital down-conversion technology to create front-end solutions for phased array radar, electronic warfare, signal intelligence, satellite communications and multi-service digital radios. For more information contact Dy 4 by phone at 613-599-9191, by fax at 613-599-7777, by e-mail at info@, or on the World Wide Web at

Tracewell eyes boosting manufacturing and test capabilities

Leaders of Tracewell Systems Inc. in Westerville, Ohio, a provider of standard and custom chassis, power supplies, backplanes, and printed circuit card cages, are seeking to improve their manufacturing and test capabilities with their recent buyout of Acme Electronics LLC in Cuba, N.Y. Acme, which specializes in electronics manufacturing, power supplies, and ground test equipment, is a specialist in high-reliability testing — particularly for thermal modeling and shock/vibration screening — Tracewell officials say. While Tracewell in the past often has contracted out testing for military components, they would like to bring much of that kind of testing in house wit their acquisition of Acme resources, Tracewell officials say. Details of the buyout were not disclosed, and Acme will become part of Tracewell Systems. For more information contact Tracewell Systems by phone at 614-846-6175, by fax at 614-846-4450, by e-mail at [email protected], by post at 567 Enterprise Drive, Westerville, Ohio 43081, or on the World Wide Web at

Pentek unveils multiprocessor PowerPC board for embedded DSP applications

Leaders of Pentek Inc. in Upper Saddle River, N.J., are introducing a four-processor VME single-board computer with two different expansion module sites — a velocity interface mezzanine (VIM) site for high-speed buffered I/O, and the PCI mezzanine card (PMC) for linking to industry-standard I/O functions. The VIM site is for functions such as digital receivers and wide-bandwidth data acquisition, while the PMC site is for using standard I/O mezzanine cards from different manufacturers. The 6U VME board itself has four MPC7410 PowerPC microprocessors and processes information at 16 billion floating point operations per second for applications such as radar, sonar, signals intelligence, and image processing. For more information contact Pentek by phone at 201-818-5900, by fax at 201-818-5904, by e-mail at [email protected], by post at One Park Way, Upper Saddle River, N.J. 07458-2311, or on the World Wide Web at

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