Sept. 1, 2004

LED photometric detector meets CIE 127-1997

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International Light Inc. in Newburyport, Mass., is offering a light-emitting diode (LED) photometric detector that measures CIE-averaged LED intensity per CIE 127-1996 conditions A and B, and that provides calibration curves on a CD. The Photometric 127 sensor has a 100-square-millimeter input aperture and photopic filter. The sensor is for use with the International Light portable IL1400 and benchtop IL1700 radiometer systems. It is for measuring LED-based displays such as instrumentation, stadium-type signage, highway-messaging systems, and traffic signals. For more information, contact International Light online at

Laser nanosensor for measurement applications

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LMI Technologies in Detroit is offering a laser nanosensor with miniature sensor head and 1- to 6-micron spot size for use in small work envelopes in industrial applications such as micro positioning to thickness and roughness measurement. The sensor uses auto focus and has a resolution as fine as 0.7 nanometers at speeds as fast as 200 kilohertz. In addition to glass, other applications include semiconductor production and positioning polished components such as silicon wafers, lenses, or circuitry. For more information, contact LMI online at

Concave LEDs for light beams of even brightness

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LEDtronics in Torrance, Calif., is offering the concave cylindrical 5-millimeter discrete light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that emit light as bright at its edges as in its center. These high-intensity LEDs produce light that appears bright even in direct sunlight, and can be used for applications such as backlighting, medical equipment, and channel-letter illumination. The LEDs are available in green, cool white, blue, yellow, red, and orange. The solid-state design renders LEDs impervious to electrical and mechanical shock, vibration, frequent switching, and environmental extremes, company officials say. For more information, contact LEDtronics online at

All-in-focus high-speed microscopy camera

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Photron USA Inc. in San Diego is offering the FocusScope FV-100C digital microscopy camera that operates with piezoelectric technology. The real-time, full-color, all-in-focus camera uses a light-sensitive CMOS imager that operates at 1,000 frames per second to provide a focal range of more than 100 microns. This results in a depth of focus that is 100 times better than conventional microscope video cameras, company officials say. The objective lens on the microscope moves up and down at 15 hertz while the imager captures 1,000 frames. For more information, contact Photron USA online at

Ophir Optics opens new infrared-lens facility

Ophir Optics in Wilmington, Mass., opened another facility in Wilmington, Mass., that specializes in infrared lenses and lens assemblies. The new facility houses grinding, polishing, and centering equipment, conventional polishing, diamond turning, and optical coating. Ophir builds standard lenses for infrared wavelengths, build-to-print lenses to customer specifications, and standard CO2 laser optics. For more information, contact Ophir online at

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