Feb. 1, 2004

Ampol extends post-analysis support for Teac recorders

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Officials of Ampol Technologies Ltd. in Kfar-Saba, Israel, are extending their support of post-analysis solutions for data recorded by Teac/Merlin's solid-state recorders. They chose dataMARS to perform post-analysis of flight-test data recorded by Teac ME1000 SSR recorder. The project includes analysis if concurrent MIL-STD-1553 and PCM data, and is based on Ampol's data conversion utility. Ampol's latest version of dataMARS also exports data to industry-standard formats such as IRIG 106-Chapter 10. For more information contact Ampol by phone at 972-9-748-4176 or online at

Omnetics introduces miniature circular connectors for surveillance

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Officials of Omnetics Connector Corp. in Minneapolis are offering rugged miniature curricular connectors for surveillance, target acquisition, and infrared, applications. The Omnetics MMC series circulator connectors offer as many as 27 pins, polarized mating, threaded metal shells, and can include .. shielded cable harnesses. The connectors meet MIL-DTL-83513 specifications are available in customized plating for night operations. For more information contact Omnetics by phone at 763-572-0656, or online at

Concurrent Technologies offers VME mass-storage module

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Designers at Concurrent Technologies Inc. in Ann Arbor, Mich., are unveiling their VME/VME64 mass storage module, the DS MSS/00x. The module is a single- or dual-slot board for a variety of storage applications. The single-slot board supports 2.5-inch EIDE hard disks with options for compact Flash modules, or CD-R/W disk drives. The dual-slot board supports a slim-line .. 3.5-inch floppy disk drive. These boards are for use with Concurrent's VME/VME64 Pentium and Celeron single-board computers. For more information contact Concurrent Technologies by phone at 732-971-6309, or online at

KVH introduces fiber-optic gyros for munitions and navigation

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Engineers at KVH Industries in Middletown, R.I., are introducing their TG-6000 inertial measurement unit (IMU) for flight control, orientation, instrumentation, and navigation on platforms such as torpedoes, smart munitions, and unmanned aerial vehicles. The gyro employs a three-axis configuration of KVH digital signal processing, the fiber optic gyro, and three accelerometers. The IMU is a six-degrees-of freedom motion-sensing package that measures angular rate and linear acceleration. For more information contact KVH by phone at 401-847-3327 or online at

Objective Interface and MontaVista release embedded operating system

Software developers at Objective Interface Systems Inc. in Herndon, Va., and MontaVista Software Inc. in Sunnyvale, Calif., are offering Objective Interface's ORBexpress RT for C++ for MontaVista Linux Professional Edition. The embedded operating system is for military and aerospace applications, telecommunications, data communications, industrial automation, and consumer electronics. ORBexpress is based on OMG standard CORBA technology, and is for distributed software applications. Its Object Request Broker combines high speed and reliability, company officials say. For more information contact Objective Interface by phone at 703-295-6500 or online at

White Electronic Designs offers multichip SRAM package

Engineers at White Electronic Designs in Phoenix developed a 2M by 32 static random-access memory (SRAM) multichip package for single-chip asynchronous SRAM memory use. The 255 plastic-ball-grid array module is organized as 2M by 32, has access times of 12, 15, 17, and 20 nanoseconds, and measures 25 by 25 millimeters. The W82M32V-XBX module uses 3.3-volt operation, three-state output, TTL-compatible I/O is for high-reliability commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) use, and is available in industrial and military temperature ranges. For more information contact White Electronic Designs by phone at 602-437-1520 or online at

Teledyne introduces six-pin plastic relays

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Officials of Teledyne Relays in Hawthorne, Calif., are unveiling their Series C63 solid-state relays. The devices come in plastic six-pin commercial dual inline packages. The 1A 60-volt DC relay uses a power-field-effect transistor switch, and has short-circuit overload protection to prevent damage to system components, assemblies, and system wiring. When the C63 overload protection trips off, it remains off until the overload/short-circuit condition is removed. For more information contact Teledyne Relays by phone at 323-241-1264 or online at

ASB offers copper cold-spray coating for heat sinks

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ASB Industries of Barberton, Ohio, is offering a cooper cold spray coating .. for heat sinks. The technology enables manufacturers to copper-coat heat sinks using the cold-spray technique. Cold-spray copper coating produces a coating with less than 0.2 percent oxygen content, porosity of less than 1 percent, and results in a coating with little electrical resistance, company officials say. Copper cold-spray coatings can be applied to aluminum and aluminum alloys, as well as to other non-ferrous and ferrous metals. For more information contact ASB Industries by phone at 330-753-8458 or online at

Pomona Electronics unveils broadcast-quality connectors

Officials of Pomona Electronics in Everett, Wash., are introducing broadcast/HDTV-quality connectors to keep return loss to a minimum during use. The Pomona model 6702/03/04/05 connectors are designed to meet broadcast standards with low signal loss, and range in price from $3.55 to $14.21. The connectors offer 75-ohm impedance, brass machining, black nickel-plating, high-density PTFE insulator material, and matching to Belden cables. For more information contact Pomona Electronics by phone at 425-446-6100 or online at

Optrex America offers mid-size LCD modules

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Officials of Optrex America Inc. in Plymouth, Mich., are offering their F-51451-series 8.1-inch-diagonal monochrome liquid-crystal display (LCD) modules that feature chip-on-glass (COG) construction, at least 50,000 hours of lamp life, and in two display modes. Applications include industrial controls, medical diagnostic equipment, test and measurement, vending machines, and copy machines, company officials say. The F-51451s offer 640-by-240-dot resolution, bright CCFL backlight, and operate in temperatures from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius, or -20°C to 70°C. The displays are available in black-on-white, and white-on-blue modes. For more information contact Optrex America by phone at 734-416-8500 or online at

SBS Technologies unveils single-board computers

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Designers at SBS Technologies Inc. in Albuquerque, N.M., have launched a family of three single-board computers that are fast and efficient. The CT9, CP9, and CR9 are 6U CompactPCI computers with Intel Pentium M processors ranging from 600 MHz to 1.6 GHz. Each offers two Gigabit Ethernet ports running at 10/100/1,000 BaseT, an NVIDIA GeForce graphics accelerator, and two PMC expansion slots. The CT9 is suitable for customized applications such as wireless and server blade, the CP9 is best for I/O-intensive work like automation and industrial control, and the CR9 is designed to survive the harsh environments of military, and aerospace. For more information contact SBS Technologies by phone at 505-875-0600 or online at

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