Crystal Group omitted from feature on rugged computers

March 1, 2004
I read with interest your story "Rugged computers become everyday battlefield equipment" (January, p. 22).

I read with interest your story "Rugged computers become everyday battlefield equipment" (January, p. 22).

I was disappointed by the omission of Crystal Group, Inc. ( in your list of "Who's who in custom-designed rugged computers." Crystal Group has manufactured and designed rugged computers for the military and aerospace markets for the past decade.

Crystal Group comprises three business competencies, which makes it uniquely qualified to design and manufacture computers for the military and aerospace markets. Crystal Group is a computer manufacturer, a systems integrator, and a design-engineering firm. This three-tier approach allows Crystal to excel at the delivery of computer systems tailored to specific customer needs within the military and aerospace industries.

Crystal products are currently deployed in a wide range of applications in military operations, including Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Crystal has custom-designed computers for many military projects to fit unique requirements. Crystal also has a broad product line of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) computers to fit military requirements for power, weight, and cooling.

With the increase of COTS requirements, military and aerospace engineers have had to balance the requirement for COTS and the need for long product life cycles. Crystal services include pre-sales-configuration consultation, three-year warranty, and product life-cycle management to help engineers with the balancing act.

You can see why I was disappointed at the omission of Crystal Group in the "Who's who in custom-designed rugged computers" list. Crystal Group has and will continue to provide quality custom-designed rugged computers to the military and aerospace industry.

Scott Kongable
Crystal Group Inc.

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