mPhase/AlwaysReady remotely activates Smart NanoBattery

April 5, 2008
NEW YORK, 5 April 2008. mPhase/AlwaysReady Inc. has demonstrated the remote activation of its Smart NanoBattery. Building on the electrical activation mechanism revealed earlier, the remote mechanism offers another way to obtain power on command from the NanoBattery that has virtually unlimited shelf-life.

Remote activation is especially relevant for applications involving RFID tags for inventory control and asset tracking, unmanned ground sensors, and wireless sensor networks whereby individual sensors can be deployed and activated from a distant source when desired.

CARSON CITY, Nevada, 6 April 2008. Phoenix International Ventures Inc.'s wholly owned subsidiary, Phoenix Aerospace Inc. has received a $1,119,054 purchase order to supply ground support equipment subsystems, to a European customer. Delivery is expected beginning third quarter of 2008.

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