3U VPX Ethernet switch for high-reliability aerospace and defense embedded computing introduced by X–ES

April 2, 2024
XChange3030 provides six backplane 40GBASE-KR4, six backplane 10GBASE-KR, two backplane 10GBASE-T, and one front-panel optical Ethernet port.

VERONA, Wis. – Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES) in Verona, Wis., is introducing the XChange3030 conduction-cooled 3U VPX Ethernet switch module for high-reliability aerospace and defense applications.

The XChange3030 provides six backplane 40GBASE-KR4 Ethernet ports, six backplane 10GBASE-KR Ethernet ports, two backplane 10GBASE-T Ethernet ports, and one front-panel optical Ethernet port.

The XChange3030 delivers wire-speed across all of its ports and supports jumbo frames as large as 10 kilobits for embedded computing applications. It also supports IPv6 and IETF RFCs and IEEE protocols.

As a managed Layer 2 3U VPX switch, the XChange3030 supports features such as VLANs (IEEE 802.1Q), LACP, STP, RSTP, PVRST, MSTP, SNMP, flow control, port mirroring, port authentication (IEEE 802.1x), Quality of Service (QoS), ACL, IGMP, and LLDP.

The XChange3030 also can host an XChange6300 Cisco IOS-XE Gigabit Ethernet Embedded Services Router. For more information contact X-ES online at www.xes-inc.com.

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