Embedded digital video recorder (DVR) board for military and commercial imaging introduced by Sensoray

May 20, 2019
Sensoray is introducing the rugged model 4023 embedded digital video recorder (DVR) board for aerospace, defense, and commercial imaging applications.

TIGARD, Ore. – Sensoray Co. Inc. in Tigard, Ore., is introducing the rugged model 4023 embedded digital video recorder (DVR) for aerospace, defense, and commercial imaging applications.

The model 4023 supports simultaneous HD recording to two USB devices, captures JPEG snapshots without video interruption, offers selectable HD or composite output for playback/preview, has wireless operation with external WiFi adapter, can perform real-time video overlay of date and time, provides microphone and stereo line audio inputs, and has clock/calendar with battery backup.

The embeddable DVR captures and records analog AHD, HD-TVI, or HD-CVI HD video and stereo audio to USB storage media and can capture JPEG imaging on-the-fly without interrupting stream recording. It measures 3.25 by 2.375 by 0.875 inches, and operates in temperatures from 0 to 5 degrees Celsius.

It provides DVI and composite NTSC/PAL outputs to display live and recorded video and JPEG snapshots on an external HD or SD monitor. Date and time are maintained by a real-time clock with battery backup. It accepts a keypad or keyboard and a USB storage device.

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To create a wireless DVR, plug a USB WiFi adapter into one of the embedded board's USB ports. This enables phones, tablets, and laptops to view video and control recording and playback, and also can operate the DVR without a monitor or keypad.

The compresses video to high-profile H.264, and digitizes audio from the external microphone or stereo line inputs. The devices multiplexes and records ACC-compressed A/V streams as MP4 files on a user-supplied USB storage device, with file names automatically generated by the real-time clock. Bit rates can be tailored to match application requirements and storage capacity.

The text overlay generator can position the current date and time anywhere in the video frame, and updates date and time text every video frame. An external USB storage device is necessary for DVR operation.

Users may connect a second USB storage device to record to a removable device while creating an archival copy on a non-removable device. USB connectors are located on sides of the board to facilitate connection to removable and embedded storage devices.

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The DVR user interface consists of an external keypad or keyboard that work with the board's on-screen menu. The keypad connector will interface to Sensoray's 4011TB solid-state keypad or a custom keypad. In the latter case, each connector pin can be routed to any keypad switch and configured to match the keypad's control scheme.

Users also can plug in a standard USB keyboard into any USB port to control the DVR and access special functions. Storage media can capture JPEG images on-the-fly without interrupting stream recording.

For more information contact Sensoray online at www.sensoray.com.

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