Israel developing armored combat vehicles with artificial intelligence (AI) and helmet-mounted displays

Aug. 6, 2019
The Carmel concept has been briefed to the U.S Army, and system development has reached where components are being integrated on the combat vehicles.

TEL AVIV – A version of the F-35 pilot’s helmet in a fighting ground vehicle? The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have decided to give their armored combat vehicles capabilities like that in fast-moving ground forces equipped with sensors and weapons to win the ground battle quickly and decisively. Breaking Defense reports. Continue reading original article

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

6 Aug. 2019 -- The Carmel concept has already been briefed to the U.S Army. Development of the system has reached a stage where the components have been developed and are being integrated on the combat vehicles.

The program is not meant to produce a new vehicle, but focuses on autonomous and automatic maneuvering, artificial intelligence (AI) and more. Carmel was launched three years ago as a multi-year program to upgrade the IDF’s combat vehicles, producing an agile, effective, innovative, compact, easy-to-maneuver vehicle at relatively low cost.

Elbit Systems developed the Iron Vision see-through helmet-mounted display, based on the technology the company developed for the F-35 fighter jet. The concept includes autonomous capabilities and artificial intelligence for decision making and targeting with increased speed and accuracy.

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John Keller, chief editor
Military & Aerospace Electronics

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