6U VPX Xeon-D single-board computer for military and aerospace embedded computing introduced by Kontron

Aug. 7, 2019
Powered by two Intel Xeon-D processors with 12 cores each, the board can help designers use more processing power on a VPX blade in signal processing.

AUGSBURG, Germany – Kontron in Augsburg, Germany, is introducing the VX6090 6U VPX single-board computer for high-performance embedded computing in aerospace and defense applications.

Powered by two Intel Xeon-D processors with 12 cores each, this embedded computing board can help systems designers benefit from even more processing power on one VPX blade to enable sophisticated signal processing.

The single-board computer has an XMC slot to host a VITA 61-2011 XMC mezzanine card. Use cases such as encryption or storage can be addressed with application-specific devices.

The VX6090 comes ready for evaluation thanks to a turn-key live Linux distribution, which also includes the necessary source code to recompile the BSP to match other Linux-based environments.

Featured is Kontron's CMON-line monitoring service, which delivers a continuous stream of embedded computing health measurement data in XML format, either to display human-readable dashboards or use those data for high-level monitoring.

For more information contact Kontron online at www.kontron.com.

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