Radar signal processing circuit card for new-gen high-resolution systems introduced by Cambridge Pixel

Oct. 5, 2020
The HPx-410 card accepts radar video, trigger, and azimuth signals as ACP/ARP or parallel data; on-board signal processing handles initial data capture.

CAMBRIDGE, England – Cambridge Pixel in Cambridge, England, is introducing the HPx-410 radar input card for use with new-generation primary and IFF radar systems.

The HPx-410 radar input card has a x4 PCI Express interface to support the new generation of high-resolution, high-throughput multi-channel radars.

With the wider x4 PCI Express interface, the HPx-410 offers enhanced data rates to enable radar operators to sample one or two radars with high-resolution videos at rates as fast as 125 MHz with sustained transfer rates as fast as 500 megabytes per second.

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The HPx-410 card accepts radar video, trigger, and azimuth signals in the form of ACP/ARP or parallel data. On-board signal processing handles initial data capture, processing, and correlation before transfer to the host PC for processing and display.

The HPx-410 card features two independent radar input channels that enable integrators to use the card in three ways: for dual sampling of one radar at different sampling rates; for dual redundancy; or for dual-stream capture of two separate radars.

The HPx-410 radar signal processing circuit card supports several signal types and input voltages for connection to commercial and military radar types including those from Furuno, Hensoldt, JRC, Koden, Raytheon, Sperry, Terma, as well as specialist military radars.

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The card is software compatible with other HPx cards, and has support from Cambridge Pixel's SPx Server for radar tracking, RadarWatch for maritime security, ASD-100 for air defense, and RadarView for radar video monitoring. A board-support package option is available for Windows or Linux.

Cambridge Pixel's HPx-410 is part of a family of radar acquisition and processing components that provide system integrators with a toolkit to build server and client display systems.

For more information contact Cambridge Pixel online at www.cambridgepixel.com.

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