Navy briefs industry for upcoming research projects for a laser weapon, character recognition

Dec. 3, 2020
Projects to involve processor/CANBus integration; automated inventory control; electronic emitters; maritime imaging sensors; and rapid decision making.

SAN DIEGO – Officials of the U.S. Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR) in San Diego will conduct virtual Information Warfare Research Project (IWRP) Consortium Virtual Quarterly Industry Day briefings on Wednesday 9 Dec. 2020.

The event will include briefings on the research project, consortium operations, presentation of technical briefs, and one-on-one break-out teleconferences. Only IWRP Consortium members may attend.

Briefings also are on behalf of the Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic in Charleston, S.C., and Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific in San Diego.

Technical briefs will include eight topics related to upcoming request for prototype projects (RPP) to research project Consortium Members. To obtain more information you must be a member of the research project Consortium. More information on becoming an research project consortium member is online at

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The eight topics to be covered at the industry day are:

-- Combatant Craft Next Generation Processor & CANBus Integration (21-LANT-0174) as a replacement for processor hardware and software;

-- STRATSTAR phase-one (21-LANT-0175) to develop a prototype laser weapon that is tightly coupled with command and control features in one system;

-- AIT Solution for OM&S Inventor (21-PAC-0176) to develop automated information technology for inventory control at 98 percent accuracy;

-- Electronic Maneuver Warfare Mobile Module (21-LANT-0177) to develop prototype electronic emitter detection, identification, classification, and localization capable of remote operation;

-- Dynamic Interoperability in the Battlespace (21-LANT-0178) to develop prototype capability for tactical data exchange between systems that have incompatible data formats and standards;

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-- Maritime Imaging Sensor Text Recognizer Tool (21-LANT-0179) prototype for text and character recognition to identify maritime vessels;

-- Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Plan to Perform (21-LANT-0180) to improve material availability of Littoral Class Ships; and

-- Human Machine Teaming for Tactical Decision Making (21-LANT-0181) prototype advanced analytic algorithms for rapid decision making in the battlespace.

For each of these eight topics, Navy officials say they expect to issue requests for prototype projects (RPPs) for white papers, enhanced white papers, or full proposals to be solicited via N65236-18-9-0001.

The industry day on 9 Dec. will include technical briefs and one-on-one break-out teleconferences on each topic. More information on the Information Warfare Research Project, how to become a consortium member, or how to attend the industry day is online at

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