Navy looks to Perspecta Enterprise Solutions for network, computers, and information security support

Jan. 18, 2021
NGEN represents enterprise networks for Navy and Marine Corps personnel, provides services originally consolidated in 2000 under the NMCI contract.

SAN DIEGO – U.S. Navy information technology (IT) experts needed computer and networking support for more than 650,000 Navy and Marine Corps users of the Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN). They found their solution from Perspecta Enterprise Solutions LLC in Herndon, Va.

Officials of the Naval Information Warfare Systems Command in San Diego announced a $797.3 million order to Perspecta in December for NGEN support for about 400,000 user seats at more than 2,500 locations. The order brings the value of Perspecta's NGEN contract to $6.7 billion.

NGEN provides network-centric data and IT support through a common computing and communications environment to Navy and Marine Corps military, civilian, and contractor users. Services involve enterprise, network, voice, video, data, information security, and testing.

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NGEN represents the evolution of Navy enterprise networks for Navy and Marine Corps personnel. It provides enterprise network services originally consolidated in 2000 under the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) contract, which provided IT services to more than 700,000 Navy and Marine Corps users.

The transition from NMCI to NGEN sought to maintain services, provide government control, and maintain information security.

On this order Perspecta will do the work throughout the U.S., and should be finished by September 2021. For more information contact Perspecta Enterprise Solutions online at

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