SOSA-aligned single-board computers for high-performance embedded computing introduced by Kontron

Oct. 5, 2021
Update replaces the mini-SATA solid-state drive with an NVMe drive, and provides I/O such as USB, SATA, general-purpose I/O, and XMC mapped pins.

ISMANING, Germany – Kontron AG in Ismaning, Germany, is introducing the upgraded the VX305C-40G 3U and VX305H-40G OpenVPX single-board computers to align with Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) technical standard.

This update replaces the mini-SATA solid-state drive with a faster and larger capacity NVMe drive, and provides additional industry-standard I/O such as USB, SATA, general-purpose I/O, and XMC mapped pins.

The VX305C-40G design will offer a four-lane PCI Express interface to the M.2-based NVMe drive. In addition, the default drive will increase to 260 gigabytes, with larger sizes also available. This change will increase solid-state drive write performance by 166 percent and read performance by 314 percent.

A non-SOSA aligned variant of the VX305H-40G is also available. This variant adds a P2 connector with an HDMI or Display Port++ video interface, SATA III storage port, two USB2, and one USB3 ports with power, 1000BASE-T Ethernet, three GPIO signals, and 16 single-ended and eight differential pairs of XMC I/O (X16s+X8d).

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This variant is for applications that do not require SOSA alignment but that can benefit from 40 Gigabit Ethernet and eight-lane PCI Express Gen3 Expansion Plane port.

The SOSA technical standard is being developed by the SOSA Consortium, a voluntary, consensus-based member consortium of The Open Group, a vendor-neutral technology standards organization. The SOSA Consortium is a government, industry and academic alliance developing an open technical standard for embedded computing, sensors, and C5ISR systems.

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