Electro-optical rifle sight that uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality introduced by Elbit

Oct. 8, 2021
AI-powered computer in the rifle's forward grip runs software to processes data, display tactical information, and show data from other ARCAS users.

HAIFA, Israel – Elbit Systems in Haifa, Israel, is introducing the ARCAS built-in computerized rifle-sight system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to give infantry assault rifles digital networking capability during the day and at night.

ARCAS interfaces with the rifle's electro-optical sight, with a helmet-mounted eyepiece, and with the rifle's assemblies to provide warfighters soldiers with real-time intuitive actionable combat information.

The ARCAS rifle sight provides passive range measurement; automatic ballistic correction; detection of fire sources; video motion detection; the ability to shoot around the corner and from the hip; interfaces with tactical command and control; navigation assistance; friend or foe identification; tracking of stoppage and ammunition; and weapon zeroing without the need for live fire.

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An AI-powered computer that integrates into the rifle's forward grip runs software applications. The sight receives and processes data from the soldier's field of view, tactical information from command-and-control systems, data from other ARCAS users, and the rifle's mechanical information.

This information goes to the user as an augmented reality layer on top of the scenery seen through the electro-optical sight or the helmet-mounted eyepiece. Soldiers operate the system using a joystick button on the rifle's forward grip.

ARCAS has thermal or low-light configurations, and can run third-party applications. For more information contact Elbit Systems online at https://elbitsystems.com.

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