2022 Military & Aerospace Technology Innovators Awards announced for aerospace and defense achievement

Aug. 31, 2022
Awards are in three tiers -- ranging from platinum, the highest, to the gold awards, and finally to the silver awards.

NASHUA, N.H. – Military & Aerospace Electronics has announced the 2022 Technology Innovators Awards to recognize companies offering substantial military, aerospace, and avionics design solutions.

Awards are in three tiers -- ranging from platinum, the highest, to the gold awards, and finally to the silver awards -- and are based on the recommendations of an independent panel of industry judges.

Platinum honorees

The 2Mb Rad Hard SPI F-RAM space memory from Infineon Technologies in Neubiberg, Germany, is a radiation-hardened serial interface F-RAM with 2Mb density non-volatile storage for extreme environments. QML-V qualified for space applications, the new devices deliver infinite endurance, instant non-volatile write technology, and longer than 100-year data retention. As a direct replacement for serial NOR flash and EEPROMs, the rad hard F-RAM is ideal for data logging of mission critical data, telemetry storage, and command and control calibration data storage.

The ADAR4002 0.5-to-19 GHz Broadband Bi-Directional Single Channel True Time Delay from Analog Devices Inc. in Wilmington, Mass., is a very-low-power broadband bi-directional single-channel true time delay unit (TDU) and a digital step attenuator (DSA). It contains a programmable step attenuator and programmable time delay for beam steering and draws less than 1 milliwatt of power. Not only is there a high degree of RF integration in this TDU, but there also is a sophisticated digital definition that has memory to support quick and efficient beam state selection via program control over the SPI bus as well as incorporating a serial interface for satellite communications (SATCOM), radar, electronic warfare (EW), and signals intelligence (SIGINT).

The LYNX MOSA.ic for Avionics from Lynx Software Technologies in San Jose, Calif., is a software framework for building and integrating complex multi-core safety- or security-critical systems using independent application modules. It aims to solve the many issues plaguing embedded software architectures. Founded on the LynxSecure separation kernel hypervisor, LYNX MOSA.ic supports a variety of operating systems such as Linux, Windows, third-party RTOSes (including competitor OSes) and bare metal applications such as Lynx Simple Applications (LSAs).

The Tactical Technologies Toolset (T3) from Fuse Integration Inc. in San Diego is a remote network monitoring and management tool with a flexible, web-based user interface (UI) and data lake functionality. Made to monitor and manage multiple networks, data links, and radar connections, T3 provides key insights and powerful diagnostics at the end-user’s fingertips. T3’s data lake capabilities allow for advanced analytics and long-term systems analysis, increasing readiness and enabling data-driven decisions.

The Ruggedized QCL-IR Systems for Infrared Countermeasures from DRS Daylight Solutions in San Diego is a high-power, multi-color laser system for military applications such as directional infrared counter measures (DIRCM). Previously, DIRCM systems only were installed on large aircraft, yet he minimal SWaP of these lasers enable DIRCM deployment on lightweight helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. The QCL-based DIRCM laser are designed using commercial technologies integrated into a modular architecture.

The RedHawk KVM-RT real-time software from Concurrent Real-Time in Pompano Beach, Fla., uses the features of the RedHawk Linux host for memory management, process scheduling, device access and I/O. Where several computers once were needed to provide real-time modeling, simulations and applications, one computer is needed with KVM-RT. This means a purchase order for six computers can turn into one, drastically reducing the energy, e-waste, and space footprints of the system.

The helux MORA Software & Firmware Integration Toolkit from Sciens Innovations, LLC in York, Pa., was created to ease the development of Modular Open Radio Frequency Architecture (MORA) and Vehicle Integration for C4ISR/EW Interoperability (VICTORY)-standard applications for Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA)-aligned VPX hardware while expediting SOSA adoption within the CMOSS community. The toolkit includes software libraries, HDL modules, and UI tools that address SOSA and software-defined radio (SDR) requirements.

The 3U VPX M4154 Air Flow Through (AFT) DC-DC Power Supply from Milpower Source Inc. in Belmont, N.H., is a air-cooled DC-DC power supply that uses air flow through (AFT) cooling technology, which is compatible with the 3U 1.5-inch form factor defined in the ANSI/VITA 48.8 standard. The M4154 AFT power supply will enable integrators to achieve new levels of complexity while enabling improving SWaP. It capitalizes on mature circuit topologies coupled with the electrical layout to make the most of AFT technology.

The VPX3U-ORIN-CX7-SBC Blade Server from Wolf Advanced Technology in Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario, is for military and aerospace environments. This single-board computer uses an NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin to bring an artificial intelligence (AI) computer for autonomous machines to the edge. The WOLF VPX3U-ORIN-CX7-SBC meets the needs of demanding C5ISR applications, providing a secure compute node that provides advanced AI and high-performance computing, high data transfer rates, and the cyber security features required to ensure data is being protected.

The High Efficiency Environmental Control Unit (ECU) For Military Environments from Advanced Cooling Technologies Inc. in Lancaster, Pa., is a high energy efficiency ratio (EER) ECU to minimize the electrical energy consumption for applications that require improved efficiency. The ECU employs techniques commonly used in commercial HVAC units, with a focus on the level of ruggedization required for military applications. It uses digital compressors, air economizers, and reduced pressure drop evaporator and condenser coils to create a ruggedized, military ECU that rivals some of the best commercial HVAC systems in energy efficiency.

The Short VPX Payload Test Platform from Elma Electronic in Fremont, Calif., is designed to accelerate development and test of 3U boards intended to meet the Modular Open Standards Approach (MOSA) open-systems standard. One contender for the SOSA small form factor selection is Short VPX, an SFF initiative that continues to use OpenVPX backplanes but shortens the length of the 3U and 6U boards. Elma has developed a Short VPX payload test & development platform to help accelerate the deployment of boards designed for use in this new small form factor.

The Parvus DuraCOR Pi Raspberry Pi Mission Computer from Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions in Ashburn, Va., features a Raspberry Pi and its ecosystem with associated OSes, toolsets, and frameworks. The DuraCOR Pi is small enough for platforms that requires a SWaP-sensitive implementation. It’s even small enough to be wearable. The DuraCOR Pi brings the Raspberry Pi ecosystem to a fanless IP67 design (dust and waterproof) that has undergone qualification testing per MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-1275, MIL-STD-704, and RTCA/DO-160 conditions for environmental, power, and EMI compliance.

The VSC Series from VPT Inc. in Blacksburg, Va., is a commercial off-the-shelf DC-DC converter developed for smaller satellites in low-Earth orbits (LEO), launch vehicles, and NASA Class D missions where the balance of cost and guaranteed performance is critical. It is guaranteed for radiation tolerance in low-Earth orbits applications at an extremely competitive price point. The series is radiation tested to 42 MeV/mg/cm2 and guaranteed to 30 MeV/mg/cm2 for SEE and tested to 40 krad(Si) and guaranteed to 30 krad(Si) for TID in accordance with VPT’s in-house radiation hardness assurance (RHA) plan.

The IADS Post Test Explorer from Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions is a stand-alone data search, analytics, and visualization system for the flight test industry. It combines the tasks of searching for data, analyzing the data, and creating a report. Post Test Explorer enables the user to enter natural language search queries to find data of interest. Queries can be written as normal sentences rather than having to follow a precise syntax. The search engine can find items of interest in existing IADS data recordings, with future compatibly planned for other database files (CSV, etc.).

RecordFlux software from AdaCore in New York is a domain-specific language (DSL) and toolset for handling complex binary communication protocols and data formats. Using the RecordFlux Modeller, domain experts can express the intended format and behavior of protocols in a mathematically precise manner. At this step, it’s not necessary to take programming language details into consideration – in fact, domain experts don't even need to know the target language. At the same time, the formal RecordFlux specification is expressive enough to serve as a central source of truth for a whole project.

The 2 Slot Rapid Rugged Test System from LCR Embedded Systems in Norristown, Pa., is an embedded computing chassis with the potential to serve as a development platform or a deployable system by offering multiple design features which enable rapid development to deployment transition in the same chassis for embedded systems. The intention of the expansion module is to enable easy access for testing and cable installation – development activities- in this deployment ready chassis. All cabling is deployment capable and the chassis is designed to meet MIL STD shock, vibration, thermal and ingress requirements.

The Rubidium signal generator family from Anritsu Company in Morgan Hill, Calif., covers the 9 kHz to 43.5 GHz frequency range, and has built-in at-location frequency and power calibration for emerging high-frequency military and aerospace applications. For use as signal simulators in radar design and test application, the Rubidium signal generator offers pulse modulation functionality that can simulate stationary and moving targets. It is also possible to simulate up to four targets, with its ability to generate as much as four pulses with varying delay and pulse widths within a pulse repetition period.

The HSR10 CSfC Certifiable 10 GbE NAS secure data storage system from Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions is a COTS-based solution that can be deployed quickly and affordably to store data at rest. It is designed with two layers of full disk encryption (FDE). The NVMe drive is certifiable to the National Security Agency Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) secure data storage standard for sensitive and classified data. CSfC program allows commercial products in layered COTS solutions, which can be fielded quickly.

Gold honorees

Bedrock Automation, BEDROCK OSA; RGB Spectrum, Zio 2 Networked Video Solution; Mercury Systems, Model 5585 FPGA 3U Module; MPL AG Switzerland, Mission Control Computer with Intel ATOM x6425E CPUs in IP67 Housing; Mercury Systems, EnsembleSeries HDS6705; Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, PacStar VPX Smart Chassis; Elma Electronic, E18 Mechanical Incremental Encoder; New Wave Design and Verification, V1160 Dual-Port 100G Rugged Ethernet XMC Card; Mercury Systems mPOD Electronic Attack Training System; Planar Monolithics Industries Inc., PTRAN-100M18G-SFB-3UVPX-10HP-MAH, Transceiver, 100 MHz to 18 GHz; Tektronix Inc., 2 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO); Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, VPX3-E320 Ruggedized Universal SDR; Princeton Infrared Technologies Inc., 1280BPCam; Annapolis Micro Systems, WILD FMC+ DME1 ADC & DAC Card; Palomar Technologies, Palomar 3880-II Die Bonder.

Silver honorees

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, V3-1708 High-Performance DAL-A Single Board Computer; Elma Electronic, NetSys-5312; Lemo Corporation, LEMO M Series High Power connector; Neousys Technology Inc., Neousys RGS-8805GC Rugged HPC Server; Mercury Systems, RFS1140 RF System-in-Package; Interface Concept, ComEth4420a - 3U VPX Dual-Plane Gen3/4 PCIe & 40 Gigabit Ethernet Switch; Signal Hound, SM435B mmWave Spectrum Analyzer; Mod Op, MaxUp LEADS (Lifecycle Enhanced Asset Decision Software); New Wave Design and Verification, V1161 Programmable 100G Rugged Ethernet XMC ACAP Card; Interface Concept, IC-INT-VPX3k; Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, XMC-528 Embedded Security Mezzanine.

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