Test and measurement system to switch SOSA embedded computing from the lab to the field introduced by LCR

Oct. 24, 2022
Designed for in-vehicle use, the RTS-210 test system for SOSA embedded computing enables functional testing at, or near, application-level environments.

NORRISTOWN, Pa. – LCR Embedded Systems Inc. in Norristown, Pa., is introducing the RTS-210 dual-slot rugged test and measurement system for VPX and SOSA-aligned payloads. The RTS-210 enables performance demonstration and testing in harsh environments when development activities move from the lab to the field.

Designed for in-vehicle use, the RTS-210 enables functional testing at, or near, application-level environments. A front expansion module provides access to the development backplane and discrete I/O panel connectors, allowing for signal connectivity and backplane profile layout using Meritec cabling.

The RTS-210 test system for SOSA-aligned embedded computing is for high power, high speed command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems that operate on land, air, and sea.

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The RTS-210's design enables users to switch from development to deployment when they replace the expansion module with the custom I/O front panel and backplane containing the application-specific profile.

The chassis offers backplane versions that support the latest module profiles for four different VPX/SOSA aligned payload modules in as many as three, 2-slot combinations (plus VITA 62 PSU slot). Slot options include VITA 67 fill and half-width apertures.

The VITA 48.2 conduction-cooled base chassis design and the final custom I/O panel meets military shock, vibration, thermal, and ingress requirements.

For more information contact LCR Embedded Systems online at www.lcrembeddedsystems.com.

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