Military researchers brief industry on synthetic materials to improve SWaP in quantum computing

Aug. 10, 2023
Program will develop and benchmark ways to enhance superconducting nanoelectronic devices based on artificially structured electronic metamaterials.

ARLINGTON, Va. – ARLINGTON, Va. U.S. military researchers will brief industry next week on an upcoming program to develop synthetic materials for future enabling technologies in quantum computing and quantum information science (QIS).

Officials of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in Arlington, Va., will brief industry remotely and in-person from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. eastern time on Friday 18 Aug. 2023 in Arlington, Va., for the Synthetic Quantum Nanostructures (SynQuaNon) project.

In particular, this program will develop and benchmark routes to enhanced superconducting nanoelectronic devices based on artificially structured electronic metamaterials.

Innovations in synthetic materials engineering will combine with device-scale characterization to demonstrate quantum nanoelectronic devices with enhanced performance, and improved size, weight, and power (SWaP).

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Devices to be explored include superconducting qubits that can operate at elevated temperatures and frequency regimes; single-photon detectors and bolometers with beyond-state-of-the-art sensitivity and timing resolution for sensing, imaging, and communications; and quantum-limited signal processing for scalable computing, millimeter-wave communications, and quantum-enhanced sensing.

Experiments to improve SWaP will capitalize on simultaneous theoretical and computational efforts in an accompanying funding opportunity investigating similar topics.

Proposers day briefings will discuss the project in-person to as many as 50 people, and by webcast to those who would like to attend remotely. The SynQuaNon formal solicitation will be available later this month.

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The briefings are to introduce the SynQuaNon program; explain its mechanics and milestones; and promote teaming arrangements among organizations with relevant expertise, facilities, and capabilities.

Companies interested should register no later than 14 Aug. 2023 online at

Email questions or concerns to Mukund Vengalattore, the SynQuaNon program manager, at [email protected]. More information is online at

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