Software as a service physical security system that connects cameras and other devices introduced by Genetec

March 25, 2024
Cities, corporate campuses, banking, retail, education, and health care can serve low-density deployments and scale up to thousands of sites.

MONTREAL – Genetec Inc. in Montreal is introducing a physical security software-as-a-service called Security Center SaaS that handles access control, video management, forensic search, intrusion monitoring, and automation.

Built with cyber security and privacy at its core, the offering is a scalable, open, and unified software as a service that centralizes monitoring and management of several sites.

The software is for cities, corporate campuses, banking, retail, education, and health care. It can serve low-density deployments with direct-to-cloud devices and scale up to thousands of sites and devices with hybrid storage and processing. Operators can manage operations from a security operation center or through web and mobile applications.

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Security Center SaaS is deployment-agnostic, and enables organizations to move components and sites to the cloud based on their needs using cloud-native services and cloud-managed appliances, with storage and processing at the edge.

Its open architecture helps organizations choose the devices, cameras, and door controllers, and connects with existing on-premises security devices and infrastructure. Access-control devices and cameras that are not cloud-ready can connect to Security Center SaaS using Genetec edge appliances. The product will be available in April 2024.

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