Aonix enhances ObjectAda real-time software tools

May 1, 2007
Aonix in San Diego is releasing ObjectAda Real-Time RAVEN V8.3 for Windows platforms targeting PowerPC.

Aonix in San Diego is releasing ObjectAda Real-Time RAVEN V8.3 for Windows platforms targeting PowerPC. ObjectAda Real-Time Raven implements the Ravenscar profile, a restricted subset of the standard Ada runtime environment for applications requiring safety certification or a high level of confidence in proven and fully tested runtime execution predictability. ObjectAda Real-Time RAVEN V8.3 continues the Aonix legacy of delivering certifiable applications to commercial and government safety-critical projects in avionics, space, high-speed rail, and nuclear industries. Aonix designs tools that comply with market standards and has provided safety-critical solutions to a myriad of commercial and defense projects including International Space Station, Boeing 777, Rafale Multi-Role Combat Fighter, C130-J Hercules, Airbus A 330-340, and NH90 Helicopter. For systems not requiring formal certification, ObjectAda Real-Time Raven provides the assurance that the Ada runtime used in resource-constrained systems has been proven and tested. ObjectAda Real-Time RAVEN V8.3 enables developers to choose between the traditional Aonix IDE for development and the new AonixADT Eclipse plug-in. Geared to maximize developer ease and efficiency, AonixADT incorporates Ada-project awareness, an Ada-language sensitive editor, Ada-language compile and build capabilities, and a complete Ada debugger interface, enabling Ada developers to enjoy state-of-the-art interface capabilities. AonixADT is being added to ObjectAda at no additional cost. AonixADT implements plug-ins compatible with Eclipse standards V3.1, 3.1.1 and 3.1.2. Eclipse is an open-source software development project dedicated to providing a robust, full-featured, commercial-quality, industry platform for the development of highly integrated tools. A strong supporter of the Eclipse Foundation, Aonix has gone to great lengths to lock-step with evolving Eclipse specifications. Aonix has released ADT plug-ins with ObjectAda V8.2 native development products for Windows, Intel/Linux, and Sparc/Solaris platforms. For more information contact Aonix online at

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