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Feb. 1, 2005

» Switches

High-reliability electromechanical switch devices

Teledyne Relays in Hawthorne, Calif., is offering space-qualified microwave switches for high-power applications in L, S, C, Ku, and Ka bands. The product line has coaxial switches, waveguide switches, switch matrices, and blocks. These devices typically are custom designed and manufactured to specific performance requirements. For more information contact Teledyne Relays online at

» Integrated circuits

High-voltage digital-to-analog converter

Analog Devices in Norwood, Mass., is unveiling a quad serial-input bipolar voltage output digital-to-analog converter for applications that require extremely precise data conversion in harsh, noisy industrial environments. The product has four 16-bit D-A converters with plus-or-minus 10-volt tolerances and on-chip signal chain integration. The AD 5764 achieves a threefold improvement in accuracy over previously available high-voltage D-A converters while using 50 percent board space, company officials say. For more information contact Analog Devices online at

» RF and microwave test

Digital radio test set for mobile radio

Aeroflex Inc. in Plainview, N.Y., is offering the IFR 3900 digital radio test set to support defined specifications in today’s communications standards. The test device offers software options, or “PMR personalities,” that provide the measurement and signaling capabilities for specific advanced digital modulation and protocols, and a range of general-purpose measurement facilities, company officials say. The first “PMR personality” available for the device provides TETRA digital trunked radio systems support for mobile terminal and base station testing. For more information contact Aeroflex online at

» Data buses and networking

Conduction-cooled 3U CompactPCI Gigabit Ethernet switch

SBS Technologies in Albuquerque, N.M., is offering a 3U CompactPCI Gigabit Ethernet switch for rugged, heat-sensitive military and industrial environments. The CP3-GESW8 and CP3-GESW8N eight-port unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet switch boards are for Layer-2 Ethernet switching require no host intervention or software drivers, and may be handy for applications that require rear I/O, company officials say. Onboard serial EEPROM is for configuring the switch’s registers during power-on initialization. For more information contact SBS online at

» Test and measurement

Digitizing storage oscilloscope

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Protek Test and Measurement, a division of Cigma Technologies in Allendale, N.J., is offering a 100‑MHz analog bandwidth digitizing storage oscilloscope (DSO) called the Model 6810CN. The unit offers a 250-megasamples-per-second real-time sampling rate and 50-gigasamples-per-second equivalent time sampling. Waveform displays zoom at 1:1 to 100:1 rates. The device has a 256-color VGA liquid crystal display, and its counterpart, the Model 6810MN has a high-resolution monochrome liquid crystal display. A built-in USB port, the ability to provide 20 automatic waveform measurements, and auto-setup also are features. For more information contact Protek online at

» Cooling

Thermal heat spreader for plasma screens

GrafTech International Ltd. in Cleveland is offering the eGraf SpreaderShield natural graphite thermal heat spreaders to eliminate potential hot-spot problems and improve temperature uniformity across large-screen plasma displays and other flat-panel displays. Hot spots can happen in plasma displays when an image remains static for a significant period of time, company officials say. Varying temperature profiles across the screen can lead to uneven picture brightness over time. For more information contact GrafTech online at

» Solder

Reflow and wave soldering system

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PBI-Dansensor in Glen Rock, N.J., is offering the compact MAP Check 9000 PFC instrument that offers the operator one control point for maintaining maximum quality of the end product with less scraping and rework and using minimum gas consumption, company officials say. Oxygen feedback from the analyzer automatically regulates the gas flow controller to maintain the defined oxygen level. For more information contact PBI-Dansensor online at

» Enclosures and chassis

PICMG 2.18 serial RapidIO CompactPCI development kit

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Hybricon Corp. in Ayer, Mass., is offering a development chassis that complies with the PICMG 2.18 specification, which was approved and released in June 2004. As the fourth switch fabric to be implemented on CompactPCI, this offers systems integrators the opportunity to move toward serial point-to-point interconnections and switched-fabric topologies, company officials say. The PICMG 2.18 backplane transfers large amounts of data between cards, with an emphasis on real-time applications that require low latency. For more information contact Hybricon online at

Welded aluminum NEBS cabinets

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Optima EPS, an Elma Company in Tucker, Ga., is offering a range of 19- and 24-inch-wide equipment cabinets that use welded aluminum construction to provide lightweight NEBS compliance for seismic regions. The cabinets use heavy-duty aluminum extrusions and a 7-gauge steel base. These seismic cabinets are suited a wide range of office and unmanned installations in military, aerospace, telecommunications, and rack-mount computer applications, company officials say. Project managers are available to provide technical support for special colors, EMI/RFI screening, and for meeting on-site handling needs. For more information contact Optima online at

» Shielding

Multiplaner EMI gasket

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Chomerics, a division of Parker Hannifin Corp. in Woburn, Mass., is offering soft, foam-based electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding called the Soft-Shield 4800, a conductive z-axis multiplanar EMI gasket with electrically conductive fibers dispersed in low-density foam. The conductive fibers dispersed densely and evenly within the foam give extremely short ground paths without compromising the foam’s physical and mechanical properties, company officials say. These gaskets have average shielding effectiveness of 95 decibels. Operating temperatures are -4°C to 70°C. For more information contact Chomerics online at

» Batteries

D cell ultracapacitor for aerospace and telecom

Maxwell Technologies in San Diego is offering the Boostcap BCAP0350 ultracapacitor based on the D cell standard battery form factor. The battery has a capacitance of 350 farads, is rated at 2.5 volts, and is reverse polarity tolerant. The battery also has a power density of 21 joules per cubic centimeter. Ultracapacitors provide backup energy or pulses of power for a wide variety of applications, including aerospace, telecommunications, transportation, and renewable energy, company officials say. For more information contact Maxwell Technologies online at

High-power lithium battery for military and aerospace applications

Tadiran Batteries in Port Washington, N.Y., introduced the TLM 1550 high-voltage/high-rate AA-size lithium battery for military and aerospace applications, with 2 watt-hours of energy at 4 volts. The batteries are for applications such as sonobuoys, unattended ground sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles, listening devices, mines, weapons sights, tracking devices, night vision, thermal sights, communications systems, and other remote sensing devices. The battery has a self-discharge rate of less than 3 percent per year at room temperature, and operates in temperature ranging from -40°C to 85°C. The solvents in Tadiran’s battery are nontoxic and nonpressurized; the battery has performed well in tests such as nail penetration, crush, high temperature, short circuit, and charge tests. For more information contact Tadiran online at

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