Homeland Security In Brief

March 1, 2005

Seattle takes part in ‘Regional Technology integration’

Officials at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in Washington are adding Seattle to the department’s Regional Technology Integration (RTI) initiative, which focuses technologies and organizational concepts for state and local homeland security. Four U.S. cities are part of this program: Seattle; Memphis, Tenn.; Anaheim, Calif.; and Cincinnati. “As our research and development work discovers and advances effective tools for communities, we are also focusing on the seamless integration of new technologies with existing systems - ensuring compatibility, interoperability, and greater safety for the American public,” says Dr. Charles McQueary, Homeland Security Under Secretary for Science and Technology.

Massachusetts firm provides metal detectors for Iraq

Engineers at Security Detection Co. of Watertown, Mass., supplied the U.S. military with 14 portable walk-through metal detectors for the elections in Iraq to screen for weapons at the polling places. The detectors can be assembled and operating in less than five minutes, Security Detection officials say. The firm’s Magnascanner CS 5000, is a microprocessor-based walk-through security detector that provides metal discrimination and detection. It features a digital signal processor that automatically suppresses or eliminates electrical interference associated with x-ray devices, video monitors, and communications equipment, helping to reduce the likelihood of nuisance alarms and improving traffic throughput. For more information go online at www.securitydetection.com.

Geometrix releases ActiveID biometric identity system

Geometrix Inc. in San Jose, Calif., launched its ActiveID biometric identity system with FaceVision 3-D facial recognition technology. The Geometrix ActiveID product family includes a passive 3-D biometric camera, plus a customizable set of software products for identity management including multibiometric enrollment, verification against a claimed identity, and identification of an individual within a database. The system operates at 2 percent equal error rate. For more information see www.geometrix.com.

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