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Jan. 1, 2005


High-power lasers for safety systems

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Osram Opto Semiconductors in Munich, Germany, is offering pulse laser diodes that operate in temperatures between -40 and 85 degrees Celsius for automobile and other ruggedized applications. The laser diodes emit narrowband light just above the visible spectrum in the 800-to-1000-nanometer range. Company officials say these diodes can be configured in a “nanostack,” which can result in light output stronger than 10 watts, and can be used in near-infrared night-vision systems. For more information contact Osram online at


Panel-mounted connector with water and dust protection

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Bulgin Components PLC in Barking, England, is offering hot-pluggable water- and dust-proof USB connectors, which feature data transfer as fast as 480 megabits per second. The connectors are housed in an overmolded body using UL94V-0-rated PVC, and are environmentally sealed to the IP68 standard. Not only are the connectors resistant to dust and water, but they also provide immunity to electromagnetic interference. For more information contact Bulgin Components online at

Embedded computers

PC-compatible VMEbus single-board computers

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Thales Computers in Raleigh, N.C., is offering the PENTXM range of PC-compatible VMEbus single-board computers with the Intel Pentium M processor that runs at 1.6 GHz and faster. The PENTXM draws 30 watts of power for the entire board running at 1.6 GHz, and enables the user to optimize power dissipation. The board is for military, aerospace, radar processing, telemetry, and scientific applications. For more information contact Thales Computers online at

Power supplies

Quarter-brick high-performance DC-DC converters

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Vicor United Kingdom in Camberley, England, is offering VICBricks, which are high-performance DC-DC converters that conform to the industry-standard quarter-brick footprint and pinouts. VICBricks leapfrog existing quarter-brick offerings in power density, efficiency, transient response, and cost, Vicor officials say. Each VICBrick has two V-I chips, a 36-75-volt input preregulator module paired with a voltage-transformation module. The devices have efficiencies of 86 percent at a 1.2-volt output for relatively high output currents at efficient airflows and ambient temperatures. For more information contact Vicor United Kingdom online at

Power electronics

Radiation-hardened logic-level MOSFETs

International Rectifier in El Segundo, Calif., is introducing radiation-hardened logic-level gate-drive metal-­oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) to boost efficiency and performance in circuits that traditionally rely on bipolar transistors. The general-purpose, low-power switching devices are made for harsh environments. The new ­devices, the IRHLUB7970Z4 and IRHLUB770Z4, can be driven directly from industry-standard logic gates, linear integrated circuits, or microcontrollers that operate from 3.3 to 5 volts. For more information contact International Rectifier online at

RF and microwave

Bipolar power transistors for avionics and radar

MA-Com, a business unit of Tyco Electronics in Lowell, Mass., is extending its bipolar power transistors and power module families that are designed for avionics and pulsed-radar applications. The PH1090-700B bipolar transistor is for IFF and other applications in the 1030-to-1090-MHz range. The MAPRST0002 and PH1214-300M bipolar transistors deliver typical gain of 18 dB at 150-microsecond pulse width and 10 percent duty cycle. The MAPRST1214-06UF ultra-long-pulse power transistors are ultra-long-pulse radar applications in the 1200-to-1400-MHz range. The S-band pulse power module provides more than 300-watts peak saturated output. For more information contact M/A Com online at

All-quartz crystal packaging technology

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Fox Electronics in Fort Myers, Fla., is introducing an all-new quartz crystal packaging technology that helps ­reduce costs by as much as 20 percent over conventional ceramic packaging, as well as eliminate the recurring problems of ceramic shortages. The FQ series, which uses a proprietary crystal packaging technique, comes in three crystal package sizes, each available in two- or four-pad configurations - 10 by 4.5 millimeters, 5 by 7 millimeters, and 6 by 3.5 ­­­milli­meters. Smaller sizes are under ­development. For more information contact Fox online at


MEMS accelerometer with built-in temperature sensor

Colibrys SA in Neuchatel, Switzerland, is offering a range of high-stability micro­electromechanical systems (MEMS) capacitive accelerometers with built-in temperature sensors, called the SMD MS8000 series. These devices meet the standards of MIL-STD-883E, and are available in 2g, 10g, 30g, and 100g models. The ­temperature sensor gives the option of ­improved stability through external compensation. These devices are for gun-hard ­munitions, underground drilling, and precision guidance systems. For more information contact Colibrys online at

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