New Products

Nov. 1, 2004
New Products

Low-voltage power supplies with power correction

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Officials of HiTek Power in Santee, Calif., are offering three new families of low-voltage, power-factor-­corrected (PFC) power suppliers that provide output power of 500, 600, or 800 watts. These power ­supplies have built-in O-ring devices that help the supplies to share current for redundant operations. These devices are for industrial and telecommunications applications, and come in low-profile U-channel or enclosed configurations. The power suppliers are called the TEK 500R, TEK 600R, and TEK 800. For more information contact HiTek Power online at

Commercial DC solid-state relays

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Teledyne Relays in Hawthorne, Calif., is introducing the Series S20DC30 and Series S20DC100 commercial DC solid-state relays for switching medium- to high-power DC loads. These devices are metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs); the S20DCC30 offers output to 30 amps at 200-volts DC, while the S20DC100 offers output to 100 amps at 200-volts DC. The relays are for direct switching of DC loads, and can be used in an H-bridge configuration for reversing. The relays are for applications such as motor control, automotive and public transportation systems, backup power systems, stepper-motor drivers, industrial and process control, and heating systems. For more information contact ­Teledyne Relays online at

1-GHz PowerPC 750GX-based single-board computer

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Thales Computers in Raleigh, N.C., is introducing a 1-GHz version of the company’s Power Engine 7 ­series of single-board computers for military and other ­severe-environment applications. The new board uses the IBM PowerPC 750GX microprocessor, and comes with single or dual PowerPC 750GX processors. Convection- and conduction-cooled versions of the single-board computer are available. As much as 512 megabytes of solid-state SDRAM memory and 128 megabytes of Flash memory also are available. For more information contact Thales Computers online at

Touch screens with invisible infrared light

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Touch International in Austin, Texas, is offering IRTouch screens that use infrared touch technology for industrial process control and similar applications. The infrared touch technology provides for a stable, maintenance-free, and calibration-free solution, company officials say. The display’s transparency is more than 92‑percent. The IRTouch screens are sealed to the IP65 standard, and operate in temperatures ranging from -41 to 70 degrees Celsius. They operate in severe weather, as well as in factory environments where acid, oil, dust, dirt, moisture, and electromagnetic interference are present. For more information, contact Touch International online at

DC-AC inverter to power LCD backlights

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Endicott Research Group in Endicott, N.Y., is offering the DMAD Series DC-AC inverter to power liquid-crystal displays backlit by two cold cathode fluorescent lamps or tubes that are used where high brightness and wide dimming flexibility are necessary, such as industrial and medical displays. The DMAD is for displays that produce high contrast and solid daylight readability. The onboard dimming signal mates to most controllers on the market. The inverter measures 4.76 by 0.86 by 0.5 inches, and offers as much as 12 watts of output power. For more information contact Endicott Research online at

1553 conduction-cooled interface boards

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SBS Technologies Inc. in Albuquerque, N.M., is ­offering the third generation of 1553 conduction-cooled FPGA-based ASF interface boards, consisting of three ASF 1553 boards: the ASF-PMC-4T module, the ASF-PCI-4T for lab and testing use, and the 3U ASF-cPCI3-3T for data testing. The board brings 1553 functionality to PCI, PMC, and CompactPCI-based systems. The boards offer a 1553 ­interface including 1553A/1553B selections, pointer-driven transmit and receive buffers, extensive programmable event interrupts, and triggers. The ASF interface boards are based on a field-programmable gate array processor and dual port RAM. These boards include host processor device drivers and APIs. For more information contact SBS online at

GBX gigabit Ethernet switches

Officials of Radstone Technology in Towcester, England, are making a strategic commitment to the Fastpath gigabit Ethernet software from LVL7 Systems Inc. of Morrisville, N.C., for ­future generations of Radstone’s GBX gigabit Ethernet switches. The first GBX family member with Fastpath is the GBX16. The Fastpath software will give Radstone switches guaranteed future compatibility and reliability in demanding environments and state-of-the-art performance, Radstone officials say. Fastpath is an independent and flexible networking software architecture with Layer 2 Switching, Layer 3 Routing, and Layer 4 applications and protocols, and runs across several embedded operating systems including VxWorks and Linux. For more information use the World Wide Web to contact Radstone at, or LVL7 Systems at

Collaborative development tool for Navy Tactical Data System

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Sabtech Industries in Yorba Linda, Calif., is offering a commercial off-the-shelf interface analyzer for the Navy Tactical Data System, otherwise known as NTDS. The tool helps NTDS systems engineers evaluate hardware and software performance, analyze protocol, throughput, data integrity, and timing relationships in serial and parallel data links. The NTDS I/O Analyzer, which comes as a rack-mounted system or as a portable system, connects to shipboard equipment via serial and parallel tap boxes to help Navy engineers and civilian contractors develop and install computer systems aboard Navy surface ships. For more information contact Sabtech online at

Image-intensified high-speed video camera

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Photron USA Inc. in San Diego is unveiling the ultima APX-i2 image-intensified megapixel high-speed imaging system in color or monochrome versions for slow-motion imaging application such as military, automotive, medical, and industrial manufacturing. The camera can record every cycle of an ultra-high-speed cyclical mechanism, such as inkjet printer heads, with a 1-nanosecond time offset, effectively providing 1 million frames per second at megapixel resolution. The camera’s CMOS sensor is fiber-optically Pho­­tron USA online at

Seismic zone 4 cabinets

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Schroff in Warwick, R.I., is offering a range of customizable seismic zone 4 cabinets called the Tecnorack Series that protects electronic components from shock and vibration. The enclosure is a rugged cold-roll steel frame with reinforced structural steel corner angles. The cabinets are for heavy-duty indoor applications in defense, security, and telecommunications. The cabinets come in heights from 15 to 47 U, widths up to 1,200 millimeters, and depths up to 1,000 millimeters. The cabinets have been tested with a static load capacity of 2,000 pounds in accordance with NEBS Zone 43 and GR-63-CORE standards in three manually perpendicular axes - front to back, side to side, and up and down. For more information contact Schroff online at

High-performance antenna design for 23 GHz

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Radio Waves Inc. in Billerica, Mass., is offering a high-performance antenna design for 23 GHz called the Discriminator. The 1-foot diameter antenna has first side lobes 23 decibels down from the main beam to reduce interference from other microwave transmitters when collocation is necessary. The antenna meets FCC Category A requirements, and uses a shaped reflector to optimize patterns. The antenna comes with an adjustable antenna mount. For more information contact Radio Waves online at

4M by 72 synchronous DRAM

Officials at White Electronic Designs Corp. in Phoenix are offering a 4M by 72 dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) packaged in a 21-by-21-by-441-millimeter 219 plastic ball-grid array that weighs two grams. The 256-megabit device is available in ­extended industrial and military temperature ranges. The memory chip uses an internal pipelined architecture, offers high frequency ranges of 100 and 125 MHz, and is synchronous with all signals registered on the positive edge of the system cycle clock. For more information contact White ­Electronic Designs online at

Push-in connectors with 24-amp current rating

BlockMaster Electronics in Elk Grove Village, Ill., is offering a series of heavy-power push-in connectors with a current rating of 24 amps as an alternative to twist-on style connectors for wire-to-wire electrical connections. All configurations have a ­recessed port for circuit testing. The PC25x series comes in either single- or dual-row versions. The single-row version has two to five poles, and the dual-row version has two rows of four poles. For more information contact BlockMaster online at

Rugged portable workstation with 17-inch monitor

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Acme Portable Machines Inc. in Azuza, Calif., is offering the Hercules Series ruggedized mass storage line of portable servers/workstations for applications in forensics, law enforcement, data acquisition, multimedia applications, field auditing, and troubleshooting. Options include ATX motherboards, user-selected processors, memory, and card slots. The computer comes in a lunch box style portable chassis, houses a monitor as large as a 17-inch flat panel TFT LCD screen, and has and 150 gigabytes of data storage via five 5.25-inch and one 3.5-inch open bay drives loaded from the side. The computers provide a backup of removable storage for RAID protection. For more information contact Acme Portable Machines online at

Ready-to-run data recorder family

VMETRO in Houston is unveiling the next generation MDR family of Fibre Channel-based, pre-configured, modular data recorders for VME-based systems. MDR is designed to enable the easy integration of advanced real-time data recording into high-performance data acquisition systems such as those found in surveillance, signals intelligence, and telemetry as well as semiconductor and medical imaging systems. The recorders use VMETRO’s PowerMIDAS 5000 I/O controller, and come preconfigured to accept either front-panel data port (FPDP) or serial FPDP data streams. MDR comes with a web-based graphical user interface to network and control several recorders as well as manage storage from a central location. Also bundled is an application library for controlling the MDR from embedded applications. For more information contact VMETRO online at

IDE-based nonvolatile solid-state disk drive

Officials at BiTMICRO Networks in ­Fremont, Calif., are offering the Ace-Disk module, and IDE-based novolatile solid-state disk drive for ­mobile and embedded applications. The disk comes in an industry-standard IDE interface. The Ace-Disk is compatible with the standard ATA interface and PIO mode 0-2, and offers low latency delay, fast seek times, and higher shock tolerance than magnetic hard-disk drives. The device is for industrial equipment such as POS ­devices, vending machines, GPS receivers, and security systems. for more information contact BiTMICRO Networks online at

Multi-domain simulation software for electromechanical design

Ansoft Corp. in Pittsburgh is releasing the latest version of the Simplorer ­simulation software for the design of large-scale, multidomain systems in the aerospace/defense, automotive, and industrial automation industries. Simplorer version 7 has a scripting interface, enhanced optimization and statistical-analysis tools, extended VHDL-AMS functionality, and new model parameterization tools. The scripting interface helps users integrate Simplorer into existing design flows. Enhanced statistical analysis allows users to perform design optimizations and identify design tolerances prior to manufacturing. New model-development wizards are included for creating C-models, VHDL-AMS models and component dialogs. For more information contact Ansoft online at

Single-board GPS receiver in PC/104 format

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Parvus Corp. in Salt Lake City is offering the OrbiTrak 8R PC/104 global-­positioning-system (GPS) receiver for airborne, marine, and automotive embedded applications. The receiver supports NMEA 0183 and TAIP ASCII protocols, as well as binary TSIP GPS data formats. It integrates an 8-channel Trimble Lassen LP GPS module, two TTL serial ports, 16 digital I/O, external battery backup, odometer input, and clock input. The OrbiTrak 8R interfaces with the host through a standard 16C550 compatible Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) to provide a direct connection to most commercial navigation or map software packages. The product is for vehicle navigation, telematics, location, and fleet management systems, as well as marine, airborne, and any other ­application that requires navigation, tracking, data logging, timing and/or communication functions in a small and rugged form factor. For more information contact Parvus online at

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