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July 1, 2004
Editor's note: the following new products were announced at the Military & Aerospace Electronics Show held in May in Baltimore.

Editor's note: the following new products were announced at the Military & Aerospace Electronics Show held in May in Baltimore.

3U conduction-cooled CompactPCI single-board computer

SBS Technologies is offering the CR3 CompactPCI single-board computer with Intel ultra-low-voltage Celeron processor in a conduction-cooled 3U form factor. The CR3 is for embedded processing in harsh environments. The board has extended shock and vibration tolerances, and operates in temperatures from –40 to 85 degrees Celsius. For more information contact SBS online at

Multimedia PMC graphics board

Peritek, a Curtiss-Write company in Oakland, Calif., is offering the Sirena/PMC module that provides audio I/O, video capture and display, graphic display of resolutions as fine as 1,900 by 1,200 pixels, and a USB 2.0 controller, all on a standard PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC). The card features Peritek's 128-bit Borealis graphics processor and supports 2-D, 3-D, OpenGL, and DirectX-compatible displays in Solaris, Linux, Windows, LynxOS, and VxWorks. For more information contact Peritek at

IEEE-1394a&b/FireWire VME board

Mindready Solutions in Research Triangle Park, N.C., is offering the SedNet 1394a&b VME board for IEEE 1394 Firewire high-speed networking interfacing. The board is for military, aerospace, automotive, and industrial applications such as high-throughput parallel testing of several devices, and complex simulation of multimode networks. For more information contact Mindready online at

RF tuners and receivers

Mid-Atlantic RF Systems Inc. in Forest Hill, Md., is offering the LCR 100 series of tuners/receives for military and commercial applications. The double-conversion superhetrodyne receiver with integral synthesizer is configurable with a 160-MHz IF output with 100-MHz bandwidth, or a 1-GHz IF output with 500-MHz bandwidth. The small, lightweight tuner/receiver covers the frequency range of 0.1 to 18 GHz, with tuning steps of 1 MHz. For more information contact Mid-Atlantic online at

VME Renaissance single-board computer

Avnet Inc. in Phoenix is distributing the Motorola MVME6100-series VME single-board computer with the VME Renaissance high-speed VME backplane databus. The MVME6100 is designed with the Tundra Tsi48 VME-to-PCI/X bus bridge that balances processing, memory, bus, and I/O subsystems. For more information contact Avnet online at

PC-based data recorders

VMETRO in Oslo, Norway, is offering the Martin series of PC-base data recorders, which are rack-mountable and designed for easy integration into data-acquisition systems in applications such as surveillance, signals intelligence, telemetry, and medical imaging systems. The Marlin recorders use Fibre Channel technology to enable systems designers to expand associated data recording environments easily. For more information contact VMETRO online at

Spray cooling system for electronics

Parker Hannifin Corp. is offering the Macrospray cooling systems for electronics for applications such as aircraft avionics, computers, high-power devices, medical imaging, power conversion, unmanned aerial vehicles, weapon systems, and telecommunications. Macrospray places cooling precisely with unlimited configuration, is compact, and features a smart pump that handles a variety of fluids. For more information contact Parker Hannifin online at

Fibre Channel network interface controller

Data Device Corp. in Bohemia, N.Y., is offering the FC-75000 FibreAcccess series of network interface controllers for Fibre Channel Applications. These devices are dual-redundant PCI mezzanine cards optimized for military and aerospace applications. The controllers operate at either 1 or 2 gigabytes per second in point-to-point, arbitrated-loop, or switched-fabric topologies. The cards are available with electrical or optical interfaces on a conduction-cooled PMC form factor. For more information contact DDC online at

MIL-STD-1553 dual-channel PCMCIA interface card

Condor Engineering in Santa Barbara, Calif., is offering the PCCARD-D1553 type II PCMCIA PC card that provides one or two channels integrated with API software that provides access to 1553 databus functionality and data. Features include IRIG B receiver/generator, real-time bus playback, aperiodic message insertion, error injection/detection, and 45-bit timetags. For more information contact Condor online at

Pentium-based embedded computer module

Diversified Technology, an Ergon company in Ridgeland, Miss., is offering the eTX-Lx15 embedded computer module with the Intel Pentium M processor for military, gaming, transportation, and control applications. The board's configurations support PCI and ISA bus architectures. The module also has the Intel 855 GME chipset, and as much as one gigabyte of PC1600/2100 DDR SDRAM solid-state memory. For more information contact Diversified Technology online at

Rugged embedded PC/104 central processor

Diamond Systems Corp. in Newark, Calif., is offering the Athena rugged embedded PC/104 processor with Pentium II performance for harsh-environment military vehicle applications. The Athena board dissipates 10 watts and operates in temperatures from –40 to 85 degrees Celsius. It has on-board memory, Ethernet, video, audio, and data acquisition in a 4.2 by 4.6-inch card. For more information contact Diamond Systems online at

200-watt low-profile DC-DC converter

North Atlantic Industries in Bohemia, N.Y., is offering a rugged, 200-watt, low-profile, high-power density, conduction-cooled, quad-output power supply for VME and CompactPCI systems. The 55PQ1 accepts a 28-volts DC input per MIL-STD-704D, and provides full output power at 100-degrees-Celsius base-plate temperature. The device, which is for airborne, shipboard, ground mobile and battle-management applications, has component derating, internal EMI filtering per MIL-STD-461E, and transient protection per MIL-STD-704D. For more information contact

General-purpose rugged embedded computer

PFU Systems Inc. in Santa Clara, Calif., is offering the HardBrick embedded computer for military, aerospace, transportation, health care, and automation. The HardBrick has two USB ports on the front and rear for peripheral access, dual serial ports, dual PC card slots, an RJ45 local area network interface with built-in PXE code in the BIOS, and MultiBoot II capability. It uses an ultra-low-voltage Intel Celeron processor, operates in temperatures from 5 to 40 degrees Celsius, and can withstand shock of 20 Gs. For more information, contact PFU Systems online at

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