April 1, 2004

Pentek unveils real-time COTS DSP development platforms

Officials of Pentek Inc. in Upper Saddle River, N.J., are offering two real-time digital signal-processing applications: RTS Development Platforms and RTS Turnkey Systems. RTS Development Platforms are for data acquisition, digital up- and down-conversion, processing, analyzing, recording, and synthesizing signals. RTS Turnkey Systems are for specific applications. Pentek has entered into a strategic alliance with DSPCon Inc. in Bridgewater, N.J., whose experts will develop a statement-of-work that results in an integrated and tested commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution with custom application code and a complete graphical user interface (GUI). For more information contact Pentek by phone at 201-818-5900, or online at

BAE Systems offers ELT software update

Officials of the BAE Systems Mission Solutions group in San Diego are offering the latest version of their VITec Electronic Light Table (ELT) software that offers an OpenGL implementation to improve software speed and performance. This enables users to process imagery from aircraft and satellites for first-, second-, and third-phase image exploitation, company officials say. VITec ELT version 6.1 has directed search and user roam, filters and dynamic range adjustment, and a new graphic user interface. The application supports decimal degrees, toggling between monitors, a jump-to-location tool, and improved image remap and display that supports 10-, 12-, and 14-bit image products. The new software has an update annotation function with tools such as magnifying glass and distance-based ground truth ellipse/circle. For more information contact BAE Mission Solutions by phone at 858-675-5995, or online at

Eltec frame grabber is designed for security and monitoring

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The new p3i_SEC frame grabber from American Eltec in Las Vegas—the newest member of Eltec's family of p3i frame grabbers—is designed for security and monitoring applications. The grabbers are available for PCU buses or as PMC mezzanine cards. The p3i_SEC frame grabber records data from analog color cameras via 16 separate analog inputs, each of which contains a separate A-D converter, to provide fast switching to ensure interruption-free display of all areas that the cameras monitor, company officials say. One application is enhancing the performance and functionality of existing observation and surveillance systems. The p3i_SEC offers on-board scaling from 1:1 to 1:8, PCI 2.2 support, and optional JPEG compression hardware. It can process as many as three images in parallel via a three-channel DMA. For more information contact American Eltec by phone at 702-878-4085, or online at

Crystal Group offers rugged rackmount 1U chassis computer

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Designers at the Crystal Group Inc. in Hiawatha, Iowa, are offering a 17-inch-deep 1U rackmount computer called the CS-100S chassis for applications that need shallow computer depth and rugged construction. The rugged all-steel unit weighs less than 17 pounds, including power supply, backplane, fans, and faceplate. The CS-100S supports Crystal's PICMG-compliant single-board computers. The CS-100S chassis hosts two full-length PCI peripheral cards of any type in addition to the single board computer. Power supplies of 300 watts are available in AC and DC configurations. Four fans allow for temperature rises of no more than 10 degrees Celsius above ambient, and operate in temperatures from zero to 50 degrees Celsius. The CS-100S features a 3.5-inch drive bay and a 5.25-inch slimline drive bay for hard drive and CD-ROM. Its faceplate has two USB interfaces, a CPU reset button, and LED indicator. Locking rack slides or fixed mount rack ears are available. For more information, contact Crystal Group by phone at 800-378-1636 or online at

Kistler offers accelerometer for test and measurement

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Officials of Kistler Instrument Corp. in Amherst, N.Y., are offering a cube-shaped accelerometer called the 8763A500 with three 5–40 threaded holes for flexible stud mounting on a test object. The three threaded holes also provide mounting for calibration of each orthogonal axis. The 876A500 is a triaxial accelerometer that permits simultaneous shock and vibration measurements in three mutually perpendicular axes. The unit weighs 3.3 grams and measures shock and vibration as strong as 500 Gs. The device has a miniature four-pin ceramic insulated connector and lightweight hermetic isolation from its welded titanium construction. For more information contact Kistler Instrument by phone at 716-691-5100, or online at

Saelig introduces rugged PC/104 boards for military and aerospace

The Cool Space Runner II rugged PC/104 cards, manufactured by Lippert GmbH in Germany, are available from Saelig Co. Inc. of Fairport, N.Y. The high-reliability Pentium-class processing power is for embedded PC applications that need durability, compactness, low power consumption, and fanless operation, company officials say. These cards are designed for very rough use, and can operate in temperatures between -40 and 85 degrees Celsius, have 128 megabytes of SDRAM memory soldered to the circuit board, 5.5 watts of power consumption, no active cooling, and polyimide material in the inner layers for shock and vibration resistance. For more information contact Saelig Co. by phone at 585-425-3753, or online at

Kontron unveils rugged embedded computing module

Officials of Kontron Mobile Computing Inc. in Eden Prairie, Minn., are introducing a rugged embedded computing module as a technology building block for military, aerospace, wearable, and industrial applications. The module has control boards housed in a secure module that can combine with other technologies within larger systems. The module, which measures 6.5 by 4 by 1.8 inches, has a 1.7 GHz Pentium M processor, 1 gigabyte of DDR RAM, 1-gigabyte cache, integrated 802.11 wireless networking, rugged removable 60-gigabyte hard drive, and one docking connector that manages all I/O devices including PCI bus. For more information contact Kontron Mobile by phone at 888-343-5396, or online at

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