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Aug. 1, 2004
New Products for August 2004

18-bit A-D converter works at million samples per second

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Datel Inc. in Mansfield, Mass., is offering an 18-byte A-D converter that features 1 megasamples per second sampling rate and –95-decibel peak harmonics. The Datel ADS-953 can optimize signal return paths and provides internal local decoupling to obtain -95-dB peak harmonic specification and 76-microvolt noise level. The device's signal-to-noise ratio is 93 decibels. The ADS-953 comes in a 32-pin triple-wide dual in-line ceramic hybrid package. Its proprietary gate array provides timing and control logic to operate from one edge-triggered start-convert pulse, while providing output data with no pipeline delays. For more information contact Datel at 508-339-3000, or online at

PC/104 single-board computers supports network booting over Ethernet

Parvus Corp. officials in Salt Lake City are offering a free network booting utility for users of the company's SpacePC PC/104-form-factor single-board computers. The software tool enables customers to access and boot from boot-image files on a server, Parvus officials say. This network booting software has been tested with all of Parvus' SpacePC processor boards that offer LAN controllers, including Pentium, 586, 486, and 386 specifically designed for systems running Linux and can load on a solid-state device, such as DiskOnChip, DiskOnModule, or into the CPU boards' onboard EEPROM. The SpacePC processor has fanless operation, soldered RAM memory, broad support for x86 operating systems, low-power consumption, and options for extended temperature operation. For more information contact Parvus at 801-483-1533, or online at

Pentium M processor–based VME single-board computer

GE Fanuc Automation in Charlottesville, Va., is offering the VMIVME-7810 Intel Pentium M-based VME single-board computer for military, aerospace, and communications applications. The board has dual-data-rate SDRAM solid-state memory, dual gigabit Ethernet, and the high-speed PCI-X internal bus. The board operates at 1.6 GHz, and uses 30 percent less power than a Pentium 4-based board. For more information contact GE Fanuc at 434-978-5100, or online at

Assemble-to-order cabinets for electronic components

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Schroff of Warwick, R.I., is offering assemble-to-order cabinets under the company's Service Plus Program. This program seeks to provide cabinets based on standard Schroff catalog items, yet configured per the customer's needs without the need for additional design engineering services or assembly costs. The program enables quick delivery of specially configured enclosures since Schroff keeps almost all items in stock. Customers can choose doors, side and top covers, internal mounting equipment, and accessories such as power strips, shells, and equipment slide rails. For more information contact Schroff at 885-550-9543, or online at

Accelerometer measures rotational or torsional accelerations

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Officials at Endevco in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., are offering the Model 7302BM4 angular accelerometers to measure rotational or torsional acceleration. The sensing system consists of a temperature-compensated piezoresistive accelerometer with Wheatstone bridge element to reject cross-axis angular and linear accelerations. Typical applications include measuring irregularities in shaft and drive train rotation for machine and turbine monitoring. The device is fluid-damped to optimize frequency and phase response in temperatures from –17 to 120 degrees Celsius. For more information contact Endevco at 949-493-8181, or online at

Coaxial switches for microwave applications

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Officials of Teledyne Relays in Hawthorne, Calif., are offering their Series CR-33 and Series CCR-33 coaxial switches for broadband, single-pole double-throw ..(SPDT), microwave devices designed for low insertion loss, high isolation, and repeatability. The CR-33 has a higher operating frequency and temperature range than the commercial CCR-33, yet each switch comes with either failsafe or latching actuator rated at 12, 15, or 28 volts DC. Both devices have indicator contacts, transistor-transistor logic drivers, and diodes as options. For more information contact Teledyne Relays at 323-241-1288, or online at

Miniature MEMS quartz inertial measurement unit for embedded uses

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The BEI Systron Donner Inertial Division in Concord, Calif., is offering a miniature microelectromechanical system (MEMS) quarts inertial measurement unit with solid-state quartz MEMS inertial rate sensors and silicon MEMS ..accelerometers for stabilization or guidance applications in missiles, aircraft, and unmanned vehicles. The device is for embedded applications such as gimbaled or flight-control where a small form factor is necessary. The MMQ50 has three GyroChip rate sensors, double-ended quartz tuning fork technology, and are built on BEI's high-volume MEMS automotive product line. Each rate gyro channel mates with a military qualified application-specific integrated circuit. For more information contact BEI Systron Donner at 925-682-6161, or online at

Military switches that withstand shock and vibration

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Electroswitch in Weymouth, Mass., is offering a line of rotary detent and ..snap-action switches for military applications. The modular-design switches permit specialized configurations and are available in a variety of electrical ratings. They comply with military specifications for shock and vibration. These switches permit several decks in one switch, each deck with different contacts. Standard models accommodate as many as 25 sections, 75 poles, and 16 positions. The switches have contacts that operate on the principle of knife-switches, with double-sided, double-wiping, self-cleaning, spring-wiper blades closing on both sides of a terminal. These devices are for DC and AC switching, and are instrument and control applications. Military switches have enclosed decks, glass alkyd moldings. For more information contact Electroswitch at 781-335-5200, or online at

Intelligent camera for self-contained surveillance uses

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PPT Vision Inc. in Eden Prairie, Minn., is introducing the Impact Tqo economical intelligent camera with advanced machine-vision components in a sealed package that includes a 1-billion-instruction-per-second processor, solid-state memory, optically isolated I/O, serial interface, Ethernet connectivity, and real-time operating system. Potential applications include character, electronics, medical-device, and automotive inspection. For more information contact PPT Vision at 952-996-9500, or online at

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