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June 1, 2012

AVIONICS: Beta Transformer offers MIL- STD-1553-compatible three-stub box coupler for avionics

Beta Transformer Technology Corp. in Bohemia, N.Y., is introducing the BXC-A-3 low-cost, three-stub box coupler that is compatible with the MIL-STD-1553 1-megabit-per-second avionics databus. The BXC-A-3 is for system development, laboratory, test, and flight line applications.

The coupler delivers reliable MIL-STD-1553 data bus performance in a miniature size by using Beta's MIL-PRF-21038 transformers. The BXC-A-3 operates in temperature from -55 to 130 degrees Celsius. Beta Transformer is a subsidiary of Data Device Corp. (DDC) in Bohemia, N.Y. Beta Transformer specializes in high performance military, commercial, and space-level magnetic components, and has developed transformers, including the DSS series for data bus communications.

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SENSORS: Meggitt rolls out mini piezoelectric accelerometer for jet engine and helicopter vibration testing

Meggitt Sensing Systems in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., is introducing the model 2220E miniature piezoelectric accelerometer for high-temperature vibration measurements in applications, such as aircraft engine ground vibration testing, automotive and aerospace component durability testing, auxiliary power unit (APU) monitoring, and helicopter health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS) testing.

The 2220E operates in temperatures as hot as 260 degrees Celsius, weighs 3.1 grams, and has a compact size to keep loading effects to a minimum. The transducer uses a centrally located thru bolt, allowing for 360-degree cable orientation. It may also be adhesive mounted, and requires no external power source for operation.

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DISPLAYS: Curtiss-Wright offers dual LED backlit multifunction display for use with night-vision goggles

Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions in Ashburn, Va., is introducing the AVDU-2655 10.4-inch LED-backlit display that works with night-vision goggles for night flying and daylight display readability aboard aircraft. The display is a dual backlight variant that provides high brightness, sunlight readability, and filtering for use with night-vision goggles. The AVDU-2655 initially was introduced in 2010.

The new version comes with touchscreen control, two high-definition inputs, several analog inputs, and a serial interface to communicate with external devices, such as moving maps. A filter makes the screen compatible with night-vision goggles by dimming the image eliminating undesirable green tint. Filtering occurs in the backlight behind the screen. Video inputs include HD-SDI, composite video, S-video (Y/C), RGB video, or STANAG 3350/B/C.

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POWER ELECTRONICS: DC-DC converter from ConTech offers as much as 20 watts of regulated output power

ConTech in Concord, Calif., is introducing the QMJ series of DC-DC converters. The QMJ power electronics devices offer as much as 20 watts of regulated output power. The series offers a 4:1 input range with nominal input voltages of 24 volts DC and 48 volts DC. Single outputs offered are 3.3, 5, 12, and 15 volts DC. Dual outputs are +/-12 and +/-15 volts DC.

The power converters come in 1-by-1-inch packages. The QMJ series operates with efficiencies as high as 90 percent. Features include remote on/off, output trim, and short circuit protection. The operating ambient temperature range of the QMJ is -40 to 70 degrees Celsius with no de- rating. The unit is encapsulated with a thermally conductive potting compound in a six-sided metal case for improved thermal performance in still-air environments. The QMJ series is RoHS-compliant.

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CONNECTORS: Omnetics offers latching Micro-D connectors for cable connections in aerospace and defense applications

Omnetics Connector Corp. in Minneapolis is introducing the Latching Micro-D cable connectors for quick cable connections to rack and panel equipment in military, aerospace, and medical applications. The Latching Micro-D connector features a squeeze-latch system that is small and lightweight. The military connectors have a 0.5-inch pitch, and have passed shock and vibration testing-including pull tests that exceeds 100-pound pull forces.

The push-and-latch design, which is designed to reduce time and effort in plugging a Micro-D connector into a circuit, eliminates the use of screw drivers and hand tools. Miniature instruments for unmanned vehicle systems, optical surveillance, and portable electronics often require quick connect and disconnect methods not readily available before the Latching Micro-D connector, Omnetics officials explain.

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EMBEDDED COMPUTING: Concurrent rolls out VXS/VME, CompactPCI, and AdvancedMC boards based on Intel 3rd Generation Core processors

Concurrent Technologies Inc. is introducing three embedded computing products based on the newly announced Intel 3rd Generation Core microprocessor-the VX 91x/01x 6U VXS/VME single-board computer, the PP 93x/x1x single slot air-cooled 6U CompactPCI single-board computer, and the AM 92x/x1x Advanced Mezzanine Card (AdvancedMC). The Concurrent Technologies VX 91x/01x 6U VXS/VME single-board computer, which complies with the VITA 41.x standard, has enhanced processing and graphics from the quad-core Intel Core i7-3615QE or the quad-core Intel Core i7-3612QE processors.

The board is designed to provide a plug-and-play upgrade path for users of earlier generations of Concurrent 6U VXS/VME embedded computing products for military embedded systems for data acquisition, instrumentation, control systems, and signal processing. The 3rd generation Intel Core processors offer enhanced graphic and processing capabilities resulting in an increase of as much as 15 percent in CPU performance and an increase of as much as 50 percent in graphics performance. The 3rd generation Intel Core processor extends itself to support compute-intensive applications by providing support for OpenCL.

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COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT: Icom unveils rugged, waterproof land-mobile radio that meets military specifications

Icom America in Bellevue, Wash., is introducing a portable F3031S series portable mobile radio with military-grade construction, compliance to military specifications, and features for outdoor use. The entry-level radio offers waterproof protection, quick communications access, and is designed to be offered at an affordable price, Icom officials say.

The 5-watt portable two-way radio meets MIL-STD 810 specifications and offers dependable waterproof protection against inclement weather and outdoor elements. Receiving an IP67 rating against dust and water, the F3031S portable radio withstands water submersion of one-meter for 30 minutes. A waterproof lithium-ion battery pack runs about 17.5 hours and has been designed for extremely cold environments. Dust-tight construction keeps out powder dust, sand, mud, and other debris. The radio is designed for land-mobile applications such as landscaping, agriculture, and facilities management.

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