Lockheed Martin to build television satellite

March 25, 2005
WASHINGTON, D.C., 23 March 2005. Lockheed Martin announced at the Satellite 2005 conference here today that it has been awarded a contract for an A2100 geosynchronous satellite by SES GLOBAL.

WASHINGTON, D.C., 23 March 2005. Lockheed Martin announced at the Satellite 2005 conference here today that it has been awarded a contract for an A2100 geosynchronous satellite by SES GLOBAL.

The satellite, designated AMC-18, will be operated by that company's SES AMERICOM unit. It will be located at orbital location 105 degrees West and will provide distribution of premium cable programming across North America. Contract terms were not disclosed.

AMC-18 will carry twenty-four 36 MHz C-band transponders and will be used to provide cable television services to the 50 United States and the Caribbean. AMC-18 is expected to provide more than 15 years of design life and is scheduled for launch during the second half of 2006. The satellite will expand SES AMERICOM's fleet of satellites, which provide distribution of cable, broadcast television and radio, telecommunications services, business television and broadband data throughout the Americas and transoceanic regions.

AMC-18 is the 14th A2100 series spacecraft designed and built for SES AMERICOM by Lockheed Martin. In 2004, Lockheed Martin successfully delivered four satellites for SES AMERICOM: AMC-10, launched in February; AMC-11, launched in May; AMC-15, launched in August; and AMC-16, launched in December.

The Lockheed Martin A2100 geosynchronous spacecraft series is designed to meet a wide variety of telecommunications needs including Ka-band broadband and broadcast services, fixed satellite services in C-band and Ku-band payload configurations, high-power direct broadcast services using the Ku-band frequency spectrum, and mobile satellite services using UHF, L-band and S-band payloads. The A2100's modular design features a reduction in parts, simplified construction, increased on-orbit reliability and reduced weight and cost.

"AMC-18, which is based on our A2100A platform, marks Lockheed Martin's 11th satellite ordered in the 1- to 4-kW small-class satellite range. It is a testament to the A2100's versatile power capability and competitiveness for small GEO-class missions," said Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems (LMCSS) President Ted Gavrilis.

"We are extremely gratified with the continuing support from a world-class organization such as SES entrusting its critical business requirements to Lockheed Martin and the A2100 platform."

Bryan McGuirk, senior vice president for SES AMERICOM North American Media Services, said "The plan to launch the AMC-18 satellite is a reflection of the success of our HD-PRIME neighborhood on AMC-10 and 11 and underscores our commitment to the growth of HDTV program services in the U.S."

He continued, "The AMC-18 spacecraft will take full advantage of the quality performance heritage built into the A2100 since its inception more than a decade ago."

The largest supplier of satellite services in the U.S., SES AMERICOM, Inc. is recognized as a pioneer of global satellite communications services for media, enterprise and government. Established in 1973 with its first satellite circuit for the U.S. Department of Defense, the company currently operates a fleet of 16 spacecraft in orbital positions predominantly providing service throughout the Americas. As a member of the SES GLOBAL family, SES AMERICOM is able to provide bandwidth for media content distribution and end-to-end telecommunications solutions to any region in the world. In 2001, the company established AMERICOM Government Services, a wholly owned subsidiary dedicated to providing satellite-based communications solutions to both civilian and defense agencies of the U.S. government. In 2003, SES AMERICOM formed WORLDSAT to market its international satellites covering Asia and the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean regions, and connecting premier regional satellite fleets.

With its combined operations, SES AMERICOM serves broadcasters, cable programmers, aeronautical and maritime communications integrators, Internet service providers, mobile communications networks, government agencies, educational institutions, carriers and secure global data networks with efficient communication and content distribution solutions.

Headquartered in Bethesda, Md., Lockheed Martin employs about 130,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture and integration of advanced technology systems, products and services. The corporation reported 2004 sales of $35.5 billion. For more information, see www.lockheedmartin.com.

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