Kopin builds enhanced displays for rifle scopes

Jan. 17, 2005
TAUNTON, Mass., 14 January 2005. Kopin Corp. today announced it has initiated production of its redesigned CyberDisplay 640M-based display modules for military applications, including thermal imaging rifle scopes.

TAUNTON, Mass., 14 January 2005. Kopin Corp. today announced it has initiated production of its redesigned CyberDisplay 640M-based display modules for military applications, including thermal imaging rifle scopes, following a "Zero Defect" rating achieved in thousands of rounds of simulated and live gun-fire shock testing.

These modules are among a variety of display products Kopin provides to all the major U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) suppliers of the U.S. Army's Light, Medium and Heavy Thermal Weapon Sights (TWS).

As a result of completed qualification testing, during which Kopin's new 640M-based module had zero defect test results, Kopin has received clearance to proceed with production. The new design was based upon feedback Kopin received from its initial deployment of the 640M last year.

Kopin expects volume production of the newly configured display modules to ramp up over the next few weeks. The modules consist of the CyberDisplay 640M active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD), backlight and interface/control electronics. The display module converts the output from thermal (IR) imaging electronics to a high-resolution monochrome image of pristine quality.

The CyberDisplay 640M is a ruggedized, industrial grade, monochrome VGA-quality display with 640 x 480-pixel resolution in a 0.38-inch diagonal package. With an operating temperature range of -37 C to +65 C in a low-power, durable package, Kopin's CyberDisplay 640M is ideal for a broad spectrum of infrared imaging applications.

Built with nanotechnology and Kopin-patented technologies, Kopin CyberDisplays are the world's smallest, most power-efficient and highest-resolution AMLCDs for their size, which ranges from 0.16-inch to 1-inch diagonal. These transmissive displays, available in monochrome and full-color, are ideal for a wide range of military, homeland security and consumer mobile electronics applications that call for high-resolution, high-speed video in a compact, power-efficient package. These applications include weapon sights, surveillance equipment, digital still cameras, camcorders, video eyewear, medical devices, gaming equipment and next-generation Internet wireless handsets. The Kopin CyberDisplay is the microdisplay of choice for the U.S. military, and an estimated 30 percent of all camcorders shipping worldwide now incorporate Kopin CyberDisplay.

"The performance advantage of Kopin's CyberDisplay products in DoD applications has been taken to a new level, as there is no better test setting than in the field," said Michael J. Presz, Kopin's vice president of government programs. "These display modules are ideal for a wide range of thermal imaging systems, from military products, such as the Light, Medium and Heavy TWS products, to marine, border patrol, paramilitary and firefighter applications. Our ability to provide ultra-low power, high-performance, battery-operated subsystems -- which are now nearly indestructible -- positions us to capitalize on a wide range of exciting opportunities in the infrared imaging market. We are delighted with the improved design and with the approval to resume production."

"Thermal weapon sights and night vision devices are a key advantage of U.S. troops," said Dr. John C. C. Fan, Kopin's president and chief executive officer. "Kopin is working continually to provide the U.S. armed services with a display module that can withstand the wear-and-tear of combat engagement in any condition. Our joint efforts with our suppliers and customer have resulted in performance levels never before achieved and a new level of reliability in a product soon to be available to all Department of Defense programs."

Kopin is a leading developer and manufacturer of telecommunications and digital imaging technologies that enhance the delivery and presentation of video, voice and data. The company has combined advanced AMLCD and integrated circuit technology to produce its CyberDisplay family of award-winning ultra-small, high-density imaging devices for camcorders, digital cameras, next-generation Internet wireless handsets and other consumer and defense electronics. Telecommunication providers are using Kopin's heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) wafers in wireless digital phones and high-speed Internet data transmission. For more information, see www.kopin.com.

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