Marine Corps missile trainer uses InterSense sensors

Oct. 19, 2005
BEDFORD, Mass., 19 Oct. 2005. InterSense, Inc. has completed work with DME Corp. to integrate the company's inertial sensors into the Stinger Troop Proficiency Trainer (STPT).

BEDFORD, Mass., 19 Oct. 2005. InterSense, Inc. has completed work with DME Corp. to integrate the company's inertial sensors into the Stinger Troop Proficiency Trainer (STPT).

InterSense's InertiaCube2 and InertiaCube Processor are used as an upgrade to the STPT. New systems are being delivered this year to the Hellenic Army, the U.S. Army's Fort Bliss Air Defense Artillery School, and the U.S. Marine Corps.

The STPT is an engagement skills trainer for the shoulder-fired infrared radiation, heat-seeking, guided missile systems known as MANPADS. Utilizing the latest commercially available hardware and software, the STPT provides a state-of-the-art, reliable, effective, low-cost training solution for Stinger firing procedures under battle conditions. Providing interactive three-dimensional simulations of tactical engagement sequences, the device delivers the gunners with the basic technical skills required to successfully engage targets with the Stinger weapon system.

"InterSense was extremely helpful with integrating the new inertial sensor into the existing design with minimal effort," states Jerry Roach, DME STPT program manager. "With the InertiaCube2, we are able to seamlessly integrate the small package into the missile trainer, making the simulator look and feel more like the actual weapon system."

Another benefit is the reduced cost of using the InertiaCube2 versus fiber optic gyros, supporting the STPT's mission for providing a low-cost, effective training solution. The InterSense InertiaCube2 and Processor bundle offers the flexibility to integrate into the existing design with only minor software changes and no performance penalties.

"We are excited to be working with DME, a major player in military simulation and training for over 30 years," adds Brian Calus, InterSense's sales manager. "This collaboration marks the third major Stinger training program to use InterSense's motion tracking systems, which adds to the numerous other weapons training and flight simulator programs using our technology."

InterSense's InertiaCube products are an enabling technology used in simulation, situational awareness and mission training systems, biomechanics, robotics, and immersive display applications. With thousands of sensors deployed worldwide, the InertiaCube product family offers reliable and accurate orientation tracking for the most demanding applications.

DME Corp. offers a combination of engineering design services, diversified manufacturing capabilities, and installation and field support resources, as well as an established line of products for military and commercial applications. DME's Training and Simulation Group is located in Orlando, Fla. For more information, see

InterSense, Inc., founded in 1996, is the market leader in miniaturized, inertial-based, precision motion tracking technology used with simulation, training and immersive displays. InterSense's patented motion tracking products enable realistic interaction with computer graphics for many applications, including simulation & training; oil & gas exploration; virtual prototyping & design; medical imaging; entertainment; and video/film production. For more information, see

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