Rugged tablet computer and display for infantry, shipboard, and vehicle applications introduced by GMS

April 12, 2024
Rugged tablet computer and display for infantry, shipboard, and vehicle applications introduced by GMS

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. – General Micro Systems Inc. (GMS) in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., is introducing the lightweight portable and intelligent X9 Spider Rugged Thunderbolt 4 tablet computer and display for mounted and dismounted use on military land vehicles and surface warships.

Designed to go from mounted display to tucked under the arm as a dismounted handheld tablet computer with an ARM-based Qualcomm AI processor and built-in I/O, this fanless sealed X9 Spider is a smart version of the GMS high-definition (HD) rugged Thunderbolt display.

The new system adds the Qualcomm QRB6165 embedded/AI processor, and can be mounted on a ship or vehicle; mounted and then dismounted for portable operations; or used exclusively as a lightweight handheld self-contained tablet computer.

With a daylong battery, the tablet meets several mission profiles in different vehicles, platforms. It also runs Android and Linux for flexibility, long life and military software control. Four size options come with bright LCDs, resistive touch screens, removable storage, and security.

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The Qualcomm CPU offers mobile I/O, image tracking and enhancement, video processing, DSP-based audio processing and enhancement, noise cancellation and security with included TPM. Sailors, Marines or SEALs can talk to the tablet to alleviate the need for the touchscreen or optional keyboard.

The tablet computer is for use in embedded machine vision battery-powered appliances, with all-day battery life, object recognition, voice recognition, and speed. The tablet computer and display is available in 10-, 12-, 17- or 24-inch diagonal LCD sizes. The 12-inch version is for infantry applications.

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