Embedded computing design and development tools for integrating computers-on-module introduced by Congatec

April 22, 2024
The aReady.COMs integrate hypervisor, operating system software, and IIoT software for embedded computing and edge computing applications.

SAN DIEGO – Congatec Inc. in San Diego is introducing the aReady.COM embedded computing and edge computing family to reduce the time it takes developers to deal with complexity and integration below application layers.

The aReady.COM embedded computing system offers the assistance of high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) building blocks, ranging from computers-on-module (COMs) to cloud.

The aReady.COMs design and development tools integrate application-ready hypervisor, operating system, and IIoT software for diverse IIoT functionalities of an embedded and edge computing system. The first aReady.COMs are available with the ctrlX operating system from Bosch Rexroth.

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The aReady.COMs help enable systems designers integrate computers-on-module in a function-validated complete package that includes virtualization, operating system, and software layer.

The aReady.COMs decouple system development from application development to help speed time-to-market, and help developers focus completely on application development.

Application-ready aReady.COMs offer a hypervisor integrated in the firmware and an integrated memory on which operating system) and IIoT applications are pre-installed. Developers also can access IoT and cloud apps, including key functions such as firewalls and VPN clients.

For more information contact Congatec online at www.congatec.com/en/aready/aready-overview.

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