NXP microcontrollers for machine learning and intelligent motor control applications offered by Mouser

May 8, 2024
NXP's MCX N series microcontrollers are powered by Arm Cortex-M33 CPUs, with hardware-accelerated peripherals, communications, and signal processing.

MANSFIELD, Texas – Electronics distributor Mouser Electronics Inc. in Mansfield, Texas, is offering the MCX industrial and IoT microcontrollers from NXP Semiconductors.

These microcontrollers are high-performance low-power microcontrollers with intelligent peripherals and accelerators for secure intelligent motor control and machine learning.

NXP's MCX N series microcontrollers, available from Mouser, are powered by Arm Cortex-M33 CPUs, with hardware-accelerated peripherals, communications, and signal processing for scalability and ease of development.

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The MCX N's low-power cache offers system performance, while the dual-bank flash and full ECC RAM safety support system enhances security. Select MCX N devices include NXP's eIQ Neutron neural processor for machine learning applications.

The MCX N series also includes EdgeLock Secure Enclave, Core Profile, offering a secure-by-design approach for secure boot with an immutable root-of-trust and hardware-accelerated cryptography.

The NXP MCX, also available from Mouser, facilitate smaller package and board designs with scalable device options, low power, and intelligent peripherals.

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Designed to support more GPIO pins for additional external connections and operating up to 96 MHz with high levels of analog integration, the MCX A series boasts a wide range of peripherals, including timers delivering three complementary pulse width manipulation (PWM) pairs with deadband insertion, (4Msps 12-bit ADC) together with hardware windowing and averaging features.

The MCX A series delivers critical functionality to system performance with an innovative power architecture designed to sustain high utilization of I/O and power efficiency with a simple supply circuit in a small footprint.

For more information contact Mouser Electronics online at www.mouser.com/new/nxp-semiconductors/nxp-mcx-n-mcus, or NXP Semiconductors at www.nxp.com/docs/en/fact-sheet/MCXNFS.pdf.

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