Honeywell acquires CAES to boost expertise in radiation-hardened microelectronics, military technologies

June 24, 2024
Combining the two companies also can boost capabilities in radiation-hardened integrated circuits for military nuclear forces to commercial new space.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Honeywell Inc. in Charlotte, N.C., will acquire CAES Systems Holdings LLC in Arlington, Va., to boost Honeywell's electromagnetic military technologies for RF signals management under terms of a $1.9 billion cash deal.

This acquisition, announced last Thursday, will enhance Honeywell's defense technologies in critical military systems like the F-35 and EA-18G military aircraft, the AMRAAM and GMLRS military weapons, radar, and uncrewed systems.

Combining the two companies also can boost capabilities in radiation-hardened integrated circuits for applications ranging from military nuclear forces to so-called rad-tolerant electronic components for commercial new space uses.

The Honeywell Aerospace centers in Clearwater, Fla., and Plymouth, Minn., are some of the nation's most important activities for strategic rad-hard electronics parts. CAES has a microelectronics center in Colorado Springs, Colo., with a long history in radiation-hardened microelectronics.

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"This acquisition further positions Honeywell at the forefront of the defense industry's most dynamic sectors and sets the tempo for continued growth across our aerospace business," says Vimal Kapur, Chairman and CEO of Honeywell.

"With the integration of CAES' solutions and capabilities, we will fortify our existing defense offerings, while also expanding our capabilities in pivotal areas like RF, radar, and sensing technologies, to ensure a market-leading position in areas that are critical for global security," Kapur says.

CAES (formerly Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions) has 13 facilities in North America, including automated manufacturing facilities with automated test and tuning processes.

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