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2024 Edge Awards

July 11, 2024
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Army eyes radar that can detect threats and guide hypervelocity munitions accurately to their targets

July 10, 2024
Army officials want at least two multi-function precision radar prototypes no later than fall 2027 for operational demonstrations as early as 2028.

Army wants to develop hypervelocity artillery shells for air defense against manned and unmanned aircraft

July 10, 2024
HVP prototypes should fire from rifled and smooth-bore 155-millimeter cannons, and interface with off-board sensors to intercept the incoming threat.

Space Force seeks to upgrade missile warning computer networking with open-systems hardware and software

July 9, 2024
Project emphasizes systems upgrades and modernization that emphasize open-systems modular industry-standard computer hardware and software.

Navy asks Communications & Power to provide traveling wave tubes (TWTs) for ship radar power electronics

July 9, 2024
The TWT is an elongated vacuum tube with an electron gun at one end that applies voltage across the cathode and anode to accelerate electrons.