GTC 2018 day two: making the technology of the future come alive

April 3, 2018

The energy from Jensen Huang’s keynote on Tuesday morning has been palpable throughout the entirety of GTC 2018, and yesterday was no different.  Engineers, developers, product managers, and the like are united under a common vision: working each day to make the technology of the future come alive.  You can hear the passion and excitement in people’s voices as they explain their latest projects, and see the genuine curiosity spread across the faces of the students who have come to GTC to learn and discover the many opportunities that await them across a variety of industries.

Our Marvin video drew folks to our booth, many of whom were then quick to inquire about the GPUs in our MAGIC1, GVC1000, and GVC2000.  They were also keen to see the visual demonstration of our new ImageFlex 2.0 image processing and visualization toolkit – announced here at the show - which Nick, Kevin, Stuart, or Frank talked them through, and we'd like to think they were impressed by both its integration abilities as well as the ease it brings to the deployment of artificial intelligence.  It was also fun to watch people’s reactions as they saw their own faces morphed and corrected on the screen.

Breadth of applications

As we chatted with attendees and other exhibitors throughout the day, what continually struck me is the sheer breadth of applications for AI.  Of course, autonomous vehicles (such as NVIDIA’s flashy Roborace car on the show floor pictured above) and defense applications like reconnaissance and surveillance are developing rapidly, but so too are the uses of AI in medical imaging and surgery, construction, manufacturing, architecture, mining, domestic helpers, and media and entertainment – to name a few.  I even spoke with someone whose company is working on the use of intelligent robots for food delivery.  

We are excited for the third and final day of GTC 2018 today, and especially looking forward to hearing Kevin Moran’s talk on Autonomous Machines, IoT, Robotics and Drones, Autonomous Vehicles this afternoon.  Stop by Room 210E at 2:00PM PST and join us for what will certainly be an enlightening, in-depth session.  If you can’t make it, a recording will be available shortly following the show which we will make available to you on our website and social channels.

This is an incredible moment in technological research and advances, and brilliant minds like the ones at Abaco and here at GTC are paving the way.

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