Learning by some means learning by all

May 29, 2018

My wife is a much better writer than I am.  That’s beneficial with her being an attorney, but that expertise didn’t come for free. She worked many long hours during undergrad and law school to hone that skill.  Many long nights writing briefs, having them marked up - and writing them again.  Over time, she learned the art of writing, of conveying a message to an audience - and she’s very good at it. 

I, on the other hand, didn’t go through that rigorous training in the written word during my engineering education.  So: when I have to write something that needs an especially high level of detail, I ask my wife to review what I’ve written.  I didn’t go through those years of learning that she did, but I get the benefit of it all the same.

Abaco recently announced breakthrough thermal technology to allow our 3U VPX SBC347D single board computer to run up to 75°C at the full clock rate.  That’s a real breakthrough for that product, and was earned through hard work by our very talented engineering teams. 

Mission Ready Systems

Now that we have this capability, not only will this technology improve our SBCs going forward - but it will also improve the thermal capabilities of our Mission Ready Systems products as well.  The GVC2000 is our highest performance graphics computer that uses the SBC347D.  With an SBC that can run to 75°C, we now have a systems product that achieve 71°C with minimal to no throttling. 

For our customers, this means a reduced baseplate cooling requirement to achieve full performance.  When you have a critical application that must run in a demanding environment, the GVC2000 with the SBC347D thermal solution is an ideal solution.  This, together with the SBC347D’s outstanding compute performance and the GVC2000’s easily adaptable I/O configurations, make it an optimum choice when you need the right interfaces in the toughest environments.  

When one part of Abaco learns. the whole organization learns – and benefits from that learning, just as I do from my wife. That collaborative benefit means that, collectively, we’re creating a very bright future. 

About the Author

Phillip Henson | Product Manager

Phillip Henson is product manager for Abaco’s Lightning platform. With a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Auburn University and currently undertaking an MBA from Vanderbilt University, his career has seen him with assignments at the DoD’s Missile Defense Agency and at Dynetics before joining Abaco in November 2016.

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