Tech Days in Spain

Nov. 8, 2016

“Tech Days” are a great way of helping us understand our customers’ business and needs even better, as well as to bring them up to date with our latest products. We go to our customer’s site, set up a series of demonstrations and invite their people to come along and discuss their projects and needs. 

Recently, we held a Tech Day at Airbus DS in Seville, Spain—the factory where the A400M and C235/C295 are built. Parts of the aircraft are manufactured throughout Europe—the UK, France and Germany among others—and then transported to the enormous facility in Seville where the aircraft are assembled.   

Throughout the morning, we presented Abaco and our products to around 15 members of Airbus’s test on ground and inflight teams, and heard from those who came about what they would be looking for in future. In common with many of our customers, Airbus is very committed to the VME architecture—one which we continue to refresh (in fact, we have just announced the PowerXtreme PPC11A 6U VME rugged single board computer—the latest in a form-, fit- and function-compatible family stretching back over 10 years)—and in our ability to deliver complete, integrated, pre-qualified mission-ready systems. 

In the afternoon, we were delighted that our hosts enabled us to take a tour of the factory. There are five assembly stations, each with around 14 cabinets to test various elements of the aircraft—and inside those cabinets are Abaco VP9 or VP12 Intel-based 6U VME single board computers.

About the Author

Philippe Constanty | Sales Director

Philippe Constanty is sales director, Europe at Abaco Systems. Located near Paris, France, he has been with Abaco (and GE Intelligent Platforms) since 2001. Philippe has an extensive history in industrial and embedded computing with VMIC and, previously, Ecrin Systems. He studied at the University of Paris, obtaining a qualification in computer science.

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