Together, we are stronger

Jan. 28, 2019

The world of commerce depends extensively on a network of interdependencies when it comes to bringing products to market. Manufacturers, distributors, resellers, systems integrators, OEMs, retailers, contractors and more - all depend on each other.

In the last decade or two, though, those relationships have changed. Once, they were simple seller/buyer relationships that were entirely transactional. Today, the connection between a seller and buyer is frequently characterized as a ‘partnership’.

That’s because of the increased recognition that these relationships go – and need to go – much deeper. There is a strong element of shared risk – and shared reward. That’s seen the emergence of ‘win/win’ as a key goal.

And that’s what underpins Abaco’s approach to our business relationships. We and our partners share the same goals, based on the same insights into what it takes for our customers to succeed. We go to great lengths to understand our partners’ business.

We have, for example, formed a strong network of third party partner relationships that include leading technology providers such as Intel, Xilinx, NVIDIA and Wind. Being close to them provides us with knowledge and understanding that are, in turn, very valuable to our customers’ businesses.

Enhanced customer support

At the other end of the chain, we use a variety of go-to-market strategies to both drive revenue growth and to provide enhanced customer service and support. Our sales channel partnerships include value added resellers, manufacturers’ representatives and distributors. 

Abaco’s sales channel partners have the market knowledge, distribution, sales expertise and customer relationships to successfully market, promote and sell our products and services in a wide variety of markets and application spaces. We don’t underestimate the value they bring to us.

An excellent example is the partnership we recently announced with Dualos, which begins a new era of further expansion for Abaco’s industry-leading avionics business. The goal of this distributor partnership is for our customers to benefit from Dualos’ experience, expertise and industry network,  and to provide companies working in the avionics test and simulation business with outstanding levels of service and support. Together, we are stronger.

And: it’s very much in our best interests to help Dualos succeed, as is the case with all our partners – because our success depends on their success. We’re looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Dualos and our shared customers.

About the Author

Mark Wade | VP, Global Channel and Partner Ecosystem

Mark is Abaco’s Vice President for our Global Channel and Partner Ecosystem, a role he took up earlier in 2018. He has been with Abaco since we were formed, first as Vice President, Global Sales and Business Development and subsequently as Vice President, Commercial Operations. His prior career saw him spend 10 years with GE Intelligent Platforms. Mark has a Bachelor’s Degree with a Business/Engineering focus from Columbia College.

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