DK3 and DK6 pave the way towards fast VPX system deployment

Feb. 4, 2021
- Open access design with a carrying handle - Quick-conversion air or conduction cooled slot inserts - Fast and easy backplane conversion - .8″, 1.0″ and 1.2″ slot pitch options - Adjustable speed high cfm fans - Range of backplane choices

LCR Embedded Systems has released two new VPX Development and Evaluation Chassis for 3U and 6U systems. The DK3 and DK6 feature enhanced flexibility, fast conversion between air and conduction cooled module support, as well as fast backplane replacement. The chassis’ modular design enables easy reconfiguration through every stage of development leading up to the deployable chassis.

Part of our family of development chassis, the DK3 and DK6 open frame benchtop designs include backplane, power supply, push/pull fan cooling and rear transition slots in support of a variety of test functions. These chassis are ideal for VPX and SOSA-aligned module development or full system level integration and testing.

Two base versions are available for development of either 3U or 6U modules. Standard configurations may include power and ground backplanes, or application specific VPX or SOSA-aligned versions with up to 12 slots, depending on pitch requirements. Combinations of air and conduction cooled card guides and power supplies to support a range of module types and power requirements are also available. All LCR development systems can be configured with VPX, VME, cPCI or cPCI Serial backplanes.

“VPX is becoming the go-to COTS open standard architecture for developing new high-speed systems in defense applications. Designing, testing and integrating a VPX system is complex and time consuming under the best circumstances. A good development platform should ease the burden. The DK3 and DK6 offer the flexibility and overall ease-of-use demanded by our customers as we support them from program development to full-scale deployment,” said LCR Embedded President Dan Manoukian.

Pricing starts at $10,995 with short lead times for specific in-stock configurations.

For more information please call (610) 278-0840, visit DK3 product details, DK6 product details or email [email protected]

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