Rob Scidmore

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Rob Scidmore leverages experience as founder and owner of SciTech Inc. in his role as Chief Executive Officer at Extreme Engineering Solutions.

Rob founded SciTech in 1995, growing the start-up company into a successful provider of embedded telecommunications products. That success led to the merger of SciTech Inc. with SBS Technologies in 1999, and Rob remained as the Madison operations manager until 2002.

Rob was previously with Artesyn Technologies Communications Group from 1984 to 1995. At Artesyn, Rob was a project and program manager tasked with managing project teams and customer relations for strategic business.

Rob is well known for his engineering mentoring program with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which is ranked among the top 10 engineering schools in the nation and has over 3,500 engineering students. Rob developed an impressive history of recruiting and retaining the most talented engineers. For nearly two decades, his mentoring program has been bringing young, talented engineers to Artesyn, SciTech, SBS, and now Extreme Engineering Solutions.