Silicon Sensing presents on Pinpoint® at IEEE Inertial, 2023

March 13, 2023

At the four-day IEEE Inertial international symposium on inertial sensors and systems this month Dr Mark Marshall, Chief Engineer, Silicon Sensing Systems Ltd, will present a paper on the construction and inertial performance of the company’s smallest gyro - the Pinpoint®. 

Dr Marshall explains: “At around the size of your smallest fingernail (approx. 5mm x 6mm) PinPoint® is a coriolis vibratory gyro that offers huge inertial performance benefits across a vast range of motion sensing applications: from industrial robotics to satellite control, autonomous vehicle guidance to motion tracking, aircraft attitude heading and reference systems (AHRS) to precision agriculture. This paper examines how Pinpoint® achieves this performance in such a small form factor.”

The presentation will explore the gyro’s operating principles and examine its specifications in detail. It will describe Pinpoint’s construction including the fabrication of the MEMS vibrating ring and will outline the performance envelope of the unit in both flat and orthogonal mounts. 

The paper will also describe the properties of the PZT film that Pinpoint® uses as both gyro actuator and transducer - and will outline the key performance benefits this brings to the gyro. Dr Marshall concludes: “Pinpoint is a core product for the inertial market, hugely flexible in how it can be used, tiny, reliable and low cost. Already in use worldwide and in many markets, its potential is endless and we are regularly approached to discuss new applications that we had not even considered!”

Silicon Sensing will also be one of a small number of exhibitors at the symposium with the company’s full range of inertial sensors and systems available to view and discuss. 

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