Omnetics .025” Connector focused on rugged Medical Applications

Nov. 10, 2017

Omnetics’ Bi-Lobe connectors are compatible and intermatable with connectors built to Mil 32139 design specifications.  Key to their high reliability is the Mil. Spec. performance of the “Omnetics Spring Pin” and socket system @ 25 mil. pitch. (A captive jackscrew system smoothly pulls the fully shrouded nickel-plated connector shells together, assuring scoop-proof mate and de-mate alignment.)  Designs include, wire to wire cabling with up to 30 awg. Teflonâ stranded wires for highly flexible, miniature interconnections that can carry up to 1 Amp of current.  Board mount designs include a full range of SMT and Thru-hole configurations and a great “edge-mount” flex-circuit format. Pin counts range from 15 to 65 positions with custom sizes available.  The new Bi-Lobe design includes additional board mounting features and special epoxies to exceed high shock, constant vibration, and temperature excursions up to 200°C operation.  Visit our website for more information and drawings:  

Omnetics Connector Corporation, Minneapolis, MN.       

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Courtesy of Kontron
Courtesy of Kontron