Bringing Legacy Embedded Storage Systems into the Modern World

July 14, 2016

SCSI hard drives are increasingly scarce, but your old interface isn't going away just yet.

Now you can upgrade your storage system to cutting edge SATA III drive technology while preserving your SCSI infrastructure as well as your software and device driver investments. 

Our SCSI to SATA, SCSI to PATA and PATA to SATA interface conversion products offer a cost-effective solution to bridge your storage system into the next decade. We provide off-the-shelf and custom solutions tailored for your system.

  • SCSI system interface with SATA under the hood
  • Form, fit and functional replacements in VME and cPCI and custom form factors
  • Modular designs for most system types
  • Options for front removability as well as secure erase and write protection
  • Selectable SCSI / SATA feature allows seamless storage connectivity as your system evolves.

Check out our 5056 and our EDM2 SCSI conversion boards as well as our complete line of storage solutions.

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