Four Camera Link Ports, High Capacity Removable Storage

July 6, 2016

Our OptiSys-5101 is a high performance embedded vision system with more ports, more removable storage capacity, more CPU firepower and more I/O flexibility than any frame grabber on the market.

  • Four speed-configurable Camera Link ports
  • Multi-terabyte front removable storage bay with a SATA III interface
  • 4th Gen Intel® Quad Core™ i7 CPU
  • miniPCIe expansion site for custom I/O
  • Ready to run image analysis software options 

Removable storage bay allows easy data offload and transport.

The OptiSys-5101 is ideally suited for applications requiring high speed image collection and processing.

  • Manufacturing inspection and monitoring
  • Security and surveillance
  • Low altitude airborne applications
  • Vehicular traffic monitoring and management
  • Healthcare image capture
  • Transportation security systems  

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