Uniform Retention Force Ensures Secure Assembly in PCB Retainers from Elma

May 3, 2016

FREMONT, Calif., October 2015 – An expanded line of card retainers from Elma Electronic provides uniform retention force across the entire length of the device to ensure printed circuit boards (PCBs) are held securely in place.  Now available in more length and profile options, the SureLock family of multi-segment, extruded aluminum retaining devices is ideal for rugged applications where PCBs slide into a channel in the cold plate assembly or enclosure.

A simple turn of a screw expands the SureLock retainer to securely hold the card assembly in place, eliminating tooling costs in most implementations. An added benefit is a uniform retention force across SureLock's entire length to continually protect cards subject to extreme shock and vibration, as typically found in rugged, harsh or otherwise challenging computing environments.

Walter Podbelski, Elma's director of business development, said "For embedded electronics in mobile applications that require conduction cooling, SureLock not only holds cards securely in place, but facilitates heat transfer as well. Widely used in ruggedized military and defense applications, this growing family of PCB retainers is finding a home in other areas, including small form factor industrial systems."

The lightweight, aluminum construction not only makes the SureLock Series highly useful in compact, mobile applications, but also facilitates conduction cooling by transferring heat from a circuit card to a cold plate or to an enclosure's extruded side walls.

Available in three standard lengths, the expanded series is available in custom lengths from 2.15" to 12.99".  Standard nominal cross section profile sizes are 5.7 mm x 5.7 mm (0.225" x 0.225") for the 290 Series; 6.4 mm x 6.6 mm (0.251" x 0.260") for the 325 Series; and 9.3 mm x 9.5 mm (0.365" x 0.375") for the larger 460 Series.

Other options include hex drive style, mounting holes and types, length and finishes as well as a visual indicator, a locking element or a captive feature, if required.

All Elma SureLocks are designed to conform to the DLA standard DSCC-DWG-89024 with an optional DFARs-compliant specialty metal.

Typical SureLock Applications

  • In-flight aerospace electronics (commercial and military)
  • Mobile communication systems and networks
  • Railway electronic systems (positive train controls)
  • Electronic monitoring, control and guidance equipment
  • Medical equipment such as imaging systems
  • Conduction cooled small form factor systems
  • Police and fire networks
  • Satellite and space electronic systems

Please contact [email protected] for pricing. Delivery is stock to three weeks ARO.

For more information, please visit www.bit.ly/ElmaSureLock, contact sales at [email protected] or call (510) 656-3400

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