Curtiss-Wright Controls PMC-E2001 3rd Gen Audio/Acoustic Waveform Generating PMC Card is Enhanced to Mitigate Obsolescen

Jan. 15, 2013

New PMC-E2001 Delta-sigma PMC features 16-bit resolution with 8 Analog Outputs and 4 Analog Inputs

HIGH WYCOMBE, UK October 3, 2012Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions (CWCDS), a business group of Curtiss-Wright Controls, has introduced its third generation waveform generating rugged PMC mezzanine card, the new PMC-E2001, designed for demanding audio and acoustic applications. The new low-cost, high resolution analog input and output card features 16-bit resolution, with performance rated at 92dB (typ) DAC SFDR and 90dB (typ) ADC SFDR. This enhanced re-design of the company’s popular PMC-E2001.

With support for eight (8) Analog Out and four (4) Analog In signals, this delta-sigma PMC module comprises eight pseudo differential outputs with 16-bit resolution and simultaneous update rates of >96ksps on each channel combined with four differential inputs with 16-bit resolution and up to 96 kHz sample rate. The updated card, which is provided in rugged conduction cooled packaging, maintains form, fit and function with the first generation PMC-E2001. However, the third generation is initially available in a rugged conduction-cooled format only. This third generation card is designed to mitigate obsolescence and support the very long program lifecycles typical to defense and aerospace market. The PMC-E2001 speeds and simplifies the integration of high performance acoustic/audio wave generation into demanding applications such as Sonar Simulation/Stimulation, Audio Output, Complex Waveform Generation, and Acoustics.

“Curtiss-Wright is one of the defense market’s leading experts in mitigating obsolescence and ensuring long lifecycle availability of rugged COTS technology such as our second generation PMC-E2001 acoustic waveform generator PMC module,” said Lynn Bamford, vice president and general manager of Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions. “From the first generation of this product to final shipments of this card we are now forecasting an impressive total lifespan of >15 years.”

The PMC-E2001 provides precise waveform generation and reconstruction in audio and acoustic applications. Its output module is designed with 256x over-sampling delta-sigma DAC technology with each output channel incorporating a 3rd order Bessel reconstruction filter to achieve 92dB (typ) Spurious Free Dynamic Range, SFDR. The card’s input module is designed with 256x over-sampling delta-sigma ADC technology. Its internal filtering ensures that SNRs of 86dB are readily achieved. Provision has been made for an external over-sampling clock via the front panel, and a user-selectable internal sample clock. The internal sampling clock utilizes a frequency synthesizer driven by a precision high stability master oscillator to provide high quality sample clock sources.

The PMC-E2001 features a PCI rev. 2.1 compliant interface with an integral DMA controller for transferring data directly between the host memory and the local PMC-E2001 buffer memory. PMC-E2001 offers a total of 6MB of local buffer storage, with 4MB allocated to the active DAC channels and 2MB allocated to the active ADC channels.

PMC-E2001 Performance Features:

  • 8 delta sigma analog output channels
    • 16-bit resolution
    • Up to 96 ksps output sampling rate
    • 92dB (typ) Spurious Free Dynamic Range
    • 87dB (typ) Signal to Noise and Distortion
  • 4 delta sigma input channels
    • 16-bit resolution
    • Up to 96 ksps sample rate
    • 86dB (typ) Signal to Noise and Distortion
    • 90dB (typ) Dynamic Range
  • Intelligent Sub-system
    • On-board data buffers, 6Mbytes total.
    • Up to 32 boards can be synchronized offering 512 channels.
  • Comprehensive BIT support
    • Frequency Synthesizer for precise sample rate generation with 0.1Hz granularity
    • Multiplexed ADC input for loop-back BIT

For availability and pricing information, please contact the factory. Also, please contact Curtiss-Wright for information on air-cooled variants of this product.

Click here for more information on the PMC-E2001.

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Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions (CWCDS) is a long established technology leader in the development of rugged electronic modules and systems for defense applications. CWCDS serves as a technology and integration partner to its customers, providing a full range of advanced, highly engineered solutions from modular open systems approaches to fully custom optimized solutions. Our unmatched capabilities and product breadth span from industry standard based COTS modules to complete electronic subsystems. The company’s modules and systems are currently deployed in a wide range of demanding defense & aerospace applications including C4ISR systems, unmanned subsystems, mission computing, fire control, turret stabilization, and recording & storage solutions. Additionally, the company’s broad engineering capabilities combine systems, software, electrical, and mechanical design expertise with comprehensive program management and a broad range of life-cycle support services.

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